Two down one to go. Who will be the odd man out


Now that Hasbrouck and Randolph are gone, here comes the tough decision. Who is next?  I don't want to get rid of anyone. I like what i have seen from Beverley, he was the one who was supposed to get cut as well, but I believe he has shown enough to consider keeping him. Here are my  options.

Players who will get regular minutes.

Pg    Chalmers, Arroyo

Sg    Wade

Sf     Lebron, Miller

Pf     Bosh, Haslem

C      Anthony, Big Z

Thats 9 guys that will be playing every night, Coach Spo can use Chalmers, Lebron, Miller. Bosh, Haslem, and Wade at multiple positions giving him more options.

Now at the bottom of the bench 10, 11, and 12 playing spot duty will probably be JJ, House, and Howard. JJ and Howard can play multiple positions while all House has to do is hit the open three.

The next three guy will be wearing a suit and tie to the games. Butler, Pittman, and Beverley. It pains me to think it but Magloire seems to be the odd man out.

Pros and cons of roster spots 10 thru 15

JJ can shoot the three and defend sg and sf. He cant create his own shot, but if he is open he can take as many shots as he wants to. Spo has given him the green light on open shots. I know he will stay

House, when he is hot he is one of the best, problem is that he is not hot consistently. He is a good scorer but a bad defender. I don't want him, i dont think we will need more help at scoring.

Howard provides valuable depth at the 4 and 5 spots. A season vet who knows his role and will be ready when called upon. The question is how often will his number get called? I would rather see the 12 spot occupied by a young guy.

Butler has potential to be a real good player, and i would love to fill out the roster with youth and potential.

Pittman is BIG. I like what i have seen so far out of him. Some people say he is a one or two year project, but he should play this year in spot duty. One of the main reasons the Heat drafted him was the defense he played at Texas. They have similar defensive schemes, guarding the pick and roll and rotations.

Beverley is a pesky defender who will annoy the hell out of whatever pg he is sent in to defend. I love the speed and quickness but his offense has a long way to go.

Magloire the Enforcer. He will bring the hammer down on anyone who tries to play rough with his teammates. Solid player who can score near the basket, rebound and can hit you once to make you think twice about coming into the lane again. no negatives from me about the Big Cat

Its to tough to call right now, whoever Riley cuts, im sure he knows whats best





This is a fan-created post on The opinions here are not necessarily those shared by the editorial staff at Hot Hot Hoops.

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