How to swap Beasley for Stoudamire and still have a young stud for the future

Heat fan here. Just wanted to run this trade by you and see what you guys thought.

3-team deal between the Heat, Suns, and T-Wolves;

The Heat Get:
• Amar'e Stoudamire, PF
• The rights to Ricky Rubio

The Suns Get:
Michael Beasley, PF
Mark Blount, C
Quentin Richardson, SF/SG

The T-Wolves Get:
Mario Chalmers, PG/ Deaquan Cook, SG
Leandro Barbosa, SG/ Earl Clark, PF
• 2010 1st Round Pick (From Heat)

Why the Heat would make this deal:
For one thing, it'll make Wade happy. But what's most important about 
this deal for the Heat is that it would allow Miami to add 2 max-level 
contracts (In addition to resigning Wade). That's huge! Imagine a team 
of Wade, LeBron AND Bosh! Oh and don't forget Ricky Rubio! He would 
definitely sign in Miami if he were traded to us. Though he would not 
play this season, his impact would be far greater as he would take 
over as the young star replacing Beasley and would fill the most 
important position on the court.
This deal still won't make us a title contender this season, but it 
will keep Wade happy without cutting into this upcoming offseason's 
cap space.

Why the Suns would make this deal:
The Suns don't wan't to let Stoudamire walk without getting anything 
in return. Beasley would easily replace Amar'e. Q-Rich would replace 
Barbosa if he's traded in the deal. However, Q-Rich has been oustanding this season so don't overlook his value in this trade. Both he and Blount have expiring contracts (while also take Barbosa's contract off the books if he's added in the deal) which would give Pheonix alot of money to work with in the upcoming summer. IMO, this deal would simply make the Suns better this season.

Why the T-Wolves would make this deal:
Ricky Rubio WILL NOT sign with T-Wolves. That was such a waste of a 
top 10 pick. They need to get something in return for him. Chalmers, 
Barbosa, and a 1st round pick (or maybe two) should be more than 
enough to land him. The reason why the T-Wolves can't get much more on the open market, besides the fact that he hasn't proven anything in the U.S., is the fact that he signed a pricey 3-year deal with a European ball club. In order to bring Rubio to the U.S., you must first buy-out his contract from his current Euro-team. Trust me, that won't come cheap. And the T-Wolves won't pay the buy-out so they might as well move on.

What do you guys think? Would you accept this deal? By the way, I tried this deal on NBA trade 
machine and it was approved, so yes, it would work cap wise.

This is a fan-created post on The opinions here are not necessarily those shared by the editorial staff at Hot Hot Hoops.

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