to heat fans..

good luck

ok.. i used to live in south florida. fort lauderdale to be exact. but i moved back home in 07. i was happy to see the heat win with shaq, wade etc.. i was happy to see the marlins win with beckett, pudge, cabrrera etc.. when i say happy i mean i'm still a bigger fan of my home town teams but nice to see a team in my local area win. as many of you are. because i know most of you have come from other areas of the u.s. and i've been to marlins games and heat games in the past and the bigger chears were for the other teams...

...with that said...

i'm a new england native, grew up a celtics fan. larry bird to me is more important than jordan. if it wasnt for bird vs magic. there would be no jordan vs ewing vs malone vs barkley etc.. which would mean lebron, wade etc may not have been as big of basketball fans growing up.. to ME the eastern confrence still has to go thru boston. the magic and the cavs found themselves building teams to beat each other not worry about the c's. the celtics and lakers only worry about themselves and each other. they know at the end of the year there will be a good chance one of those franchises will hold the trophy. 

to me one of the biggest issues the heat will have is already on the heat.  PAT RILEY. he is over rated. not sure he is better than doc rivers or phil jackson as a coach. and for my money i cant be a fan of a gm who gives up prime years of his best player by adding players like quinn, barron, arroyo, anthony, james jones, diawara, shavlik randolph, wright, maglore and say thats the best they can do. to me there is nothing wrong with how riley did this, except the fact that he tanked 2 years to do it. what would it have taken to keep some players to play with wade?  they couldnt rebuild faster then this giving him a better chance to win over the past years? the celtics are signing decent names to 2 year deals. making a 2 year run. then rebuilding with a young all star pg. with kg, ray's money off the books. we as celtics fans are ok with it because we trust our gm and owner that they will do what it takes, now and in 3 years. riley also seems to 'quit' on teams when they go bad. then wants to get the glory when things go right.  the credit should go to WADE. NOT RILEY. getting bosh and lebron to take less money than max contracts is as crazy as it sounds. and also putting up with players like beasely as the next best talent on the roster. and to be willing to not go home and to stay in miami.  

the heat did a great job this off season SO FAR. but bosh, wade, james, big z, haslem, chalmers, miller (maybe pulling out of his deal). will be a great start but they will need more to beat either LA or Boston. the inside pressence of the lakers is crazy. the celtics are also long. but not only are they long both have depth. when the celtics won in 08 they had leon powe, glen davis, tony allen sitting on the bench barely playing. the heat will have to rely on pittman and the other young bigs and wings to develope quickly..  nba bigs arent good until the 3rd year of being in the league. yes there is tim duncan and d. howard, even kg, gasol were good quickly. but pittman will have to stop howard, kg, gasol, shaq, amare, duncan, bynum, dirk right away, so there will be cheap tiky tac fouls against him all year. puttin more pressure on other bigs of the team. aka not bosh. because c. bosh is not a good deffensive player. to me he is average on the deffensive side of the court. lebron and wade are above average when focused. but bosh doesnt play vs other bigs with his talent very well. big z is on his last legs of his career. so i wouldnt be to overly excited with his production or min. haslem is an undersized big, and as a celtics fan i know how that can hurt when playing LA, orlando etc.. i'm not trying to bash on the heat. or even hate on them. i think every fan would want the franchise they root for to do the same. ask the yankee's, lakers, celtics, red sox's  fans they all understand.  

i hope they get the players they want this year. i hope the celtics and heat stay healthy. because as easy as fans in miami and south florida think this next season will be, i promise you the celtics still have some thing left in the tank.. my issue with the heat is match ups. wade vs allen. pierce vs lebron, kg vs bosh history is on the celtics side. they play 1 vs 1 against every one. now obviously the talent all favors miami. but playing together for 3 years now 4. means something. add the fact that the celtics have a player who is now demanding attention by the best deffender the other teams have in rondo. so wade guads rondo ray allen is being shadowed by ? mike miller? thats a tough match up for him. deffensively perk is great so he watches bosh. and kg is watched by? pittman?

i hope the coach stays in miami because of my disinterest in riley. i think he gave stan van gundy a raw deal. i hope he doesnt do the same to eric.

i hope lebron, wade and bosh realizes its not about winning 70 games. its about winning 16 games to end the season. because i know kg, ray, pierce, rondo and doc do.

i hope the heat try to find a answer for rondo and gasol, howard and kg, becuase if not they may get the most SI covers, and players of the week and months, and mvp's, all star game mvp's, and espn & tnt games. but will not be holding the trophy at the end of the year.

and most importantly i hope the owners and riley dont give up on this team like other team owners gave up on teams like the marlins (2x) and heat (once after shaq and wade won it). because there is nothing like south beach when there team wins! and you will now know what it feels like to be the hated team. to be the red sox or yankees. the celtics or lakers. where every game is the other teams biggest game of the season. where other teams have a player taking cheap shots at your best player..

as a celtic fan i say good luck this season.

This is a fan-created post on The opinions here are not necessarily those shared by the editorial staff at Hot Hot Hoops.

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