Not all Laker Fans are Mad about James and Wade

I posted this as a comment, but realized it was rather long. Thus, I decided to post it here.


i for one am not complaining about shadiness involving the big trio teaming up in miami. i don’t think there was anything shady, and frankly don’t care if there was. the only thing that i find a little disappointing is that i enjoyed watching wade vs james. i love watching teams with a superstar play against another team with a superstar. and every time these 2 played against each other, it was very entertaining to say the least. when you look at the history of nba rivalries, as a fan, you want to see a superstar vs a superstar. jordan vs isaiah, magic, bird.
malone vs barkley. ewing vs hakeem, etc.

i personally think that lebron james could have established a legacy, as did jordan, magic, or bird, by leading a team of his own. and when i say of his own, i mean a team in which he is the clear cut leader. it’s hard to say (at this point) who the main guy is in miami. wade or james? i don’t know. i think lebron is a better all around player, and i’d be inclined to believe he will be the leader, but wade has shown a better knack for finishing games than his new teammate.

i honestly, and respectfully, will say that wade needed lebron more than lebron needed him. and here’s why: at 6’4, wade does not have the physique that is characteristic of a player who is perennially capable of carrying a franchise on his back and leading it to winning multiple championships. simply put, as great as he is he is too short to be that kind of guy, and is somewhat susceptible to injury. further, i contend, as many of you, that wade was the clear cut best player on the heat’s championship team not too long ago. an aging shaq was a big factor, but wade was the man on that team. am i saying wade is incapable of being the main dog on a title contender? no. he has proven that can be, under the rare right circumstances. but i don’t think it is something he can do year in, year out. history up to now has shown that i am somewhat correct on this argument, as he has only one title, and only one finals appearance in his career thus far.

i do think that having the right complimentary player,even a star player a la bosh, wade would have a greater chance at success. but i am not sure that simply he and bosh would make them favorites to win a title. bosh is not a superstar. he is not the caliber of james and wade. he is a good complimentary player, but unable to be the go to guy on a contender.

and this will never be known, but i think lebron would have had more success had he elected to join the bulls, with boozer (nice complimentary player), rose (rising star), noah (great role player), and the rest of those guys than wade and bosh would have had in miami. however, this is a moot point, because….well that’s not what happened. we are here with a team featuring both james and wade.

while being a bit disappointed that 2 of the league’s top 3 or 4 players joined forces, i am also excited. anytime a team makes acquisitions such as this one (and there haven’t been many like this one, if any at all) it creates a buzz and suspense around the league that is enthralling. i cannot wait for the season to begin. and yes, i would like nothing more than to see a lakers vs heat finals. my next wish was that kobe beat lebron next finals, but i didn’t imagine that he’d have wade on the same team.

This is a fan-created post on The opinions here are not necessarily those shared by the editorial staff at Hot Hot Hoops.

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