Which Miami Heat free agents will stay?

The core is set for the Miami Heat. Although I'm not sure how Mike Miller will fit in with the new salary cap rules. Pat Riley isn't going to blow up the roster from a team that was close to winning a championship, but the Heat have to make decisions with their 5 unrestricted free agents, one restricted free.

The unrestricted free agents: Mike Bibby, Erick Dampier, Juwan Howard, James Jones, Jamaal Magloire

Mike Bibby...From what I've read he won't be resigned and I couldn't be happier. Mike Bibby can no longer score off the dribble and create shots for others. His 3 point shot is over-rated and Heat fans know very well just how badly he slumped with that during the playoffs. Some analysts like to point out that he's #15 all time for made 3 pointers, but he's a high volume shooter with a career 38% average which isn't a good fit for this roster. Also, Bibby was never a good defender and that will only get worse with age. Remember that the Mike Bibby Experiment was only out of desperation after letting Arroyo go and hopefully it's over.

Erick Dampier...Dampier was another desperation signing. He gave us all that he had and his skill set ( i.e. solid low post defender) would have been a good fit. Unfortunately, father time has caught up with him. I think Dampier still has the ability to shut down top big men (remember how he gave Shaq fits during the 2006 finals) but he simply can't get up and down the court with the rest of the players. If the NBA would agree to only play half court games he'd be a viable option but I have to believe that he won't be resigned.

Juwan Howard...My expectations from him were very low before the season and he exceeded them. Pat Riley loves veterans and Howard has played 17 years in the league. I think he should and he will get resigned by the Heat. His production within his limited minutes was adequate. He can can still play the pick and pop game, he plays within his limits with solid fundamentals, makes free throws (but he did struggle in big games with that), and seems like a quality locker room guy.

James Jones...Jones has opted out of his deal and he's looking around. He has denied that getting benched during the Finals won't push him out the door. I personally believe that he's just making sure not to burn any bridges because he has to feel burned. Jones is a perfect fit for the Heat, but Spoelstra hasn't always used him properly as far as matchups. He belonged on the bench against the Bulls, but needed to be brought back into his back up roll against the Mavs. Nonetheless, he's a Miami boy on the best potential roster in the league. I believe that he will end up staying here, but not without seriously looking. He's a perfect fit for what many potential championship teams are looking for. He's an unselfish defender that takes charges, a high percentage spot up 3 point shooter, and he will pass immediately if there isn't a shot for him. He also won't waste time on the shot clock by dribbling unnecessarily. Unfortunately for him and fortunately for us the teams that will be most interested in him won't be able to offer him a big contract. Therefore, he may as well sacrifice some money to stay close to home and win a championship.

Jamaal Magloire...Unfortunately for Heat fans Magloire has cursed us twice. He tortured the Heat during the 2004 playoffs when he was with the Hornets after an injury plagued season. Injuries have basically ended saddled his career with the Heat. When he's healthy he provides toughness and rebounding, but injuries seem to taken their toll. Just like Dampier he simply can't get up and down the floor at an adequate pace which makes him a serious liability on defense. I don't believe that he will be resigned.

Mario Chalmers...He's a restricted free agent. The Heat won't admit it publicly, but the Heat need him more than he needs us. The Heat have spent three years trying to develop him into a pure point guard. The Heat can't risk team chemistry at this point by trying to include him in a deal for a more accomplished PG. He will get decent offers from other teams as this is one of the worst free agent years for a long time, but he the Heat have to match that offer. Chalmers has his issues with decision making, consistency, shot selection, attitude, etc. but he is an under-rated defender and can look great in spurts. I believe there are also issues with Chalmers' work ethic and it gives Spoelstra the night sweats which would explain his inconsistent handling of Chalmers. Nonetheless, the Heat have to stick with Chalmers and let him continue to develop. The remaining roster is talented enough to win with Chalmers as their PG.

What do you all think will happen with these players?

This is a fan-created post on The opinions here are not necessarily those shared by the editorial staff at Hot Hot Hoops.

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