Heat prepare for Game 2; Monday practice audio

The Miami Heat isn't panicking after their 21-point loss to the Chicago Bulls in Game 1 on Sunday.  This is a team that has dealt with overcoming adversity many times before this season, and they aren't about to let one loss get the best of them.  They also have an experienced coaching staff that has been together for a long time and has been in this situation before. 

For Erik Spoelstra and his assistants, this is their 3rd trip to the Eastern Conference Finals and they are well aware of every scenario that has come across their collective paths.  Back in 2006 we all remember how the Heat came back from an 0-2 deficit to beat Dallas in the NBA Finals.  That same year they also had to rebound from an embarrassing Game 1 loss to the New Jersey Nets in the 2nd round, and they did, winning Game 2 by 22-points en route to four consecutive wins to take the series.

The Heat players understand that it takes more then one victory to win a series and they aren't about to let one tough game knock them off of their path.  That's the beauty of the playoffs.  Miami took a big haymaker from the Bulls in Game 1, but now they get the opportunity to get off the mat and figure out what they need to do in order to land a couple of their own blows and get back in the series.   With two full days in between Game 1 and 2, nobody will be able to use the excuse that the Heat will come into this game unprepared. 

As they get ready for Wednesday night's showdown at the United Center, the Heat are staying in Chicago and practicing both Monday and Tuesday.  Following Monday's practice Erik Spoelstra and Chris Bosh spoke to the media, and if you'd like to hear what they had to say I've got some of that audio for you which you can find after the jump.  To hear the clip just click on the one you want to hear and it should play right in your browser.

Erik Spoelstra- Chance to get home court is still there

Erik Spoelstra- How we lost is irrelevant

Erik Spoelstra- Lack of focus killed us in 2nd half Sunday

Erik Spoelstra- Mike Miller is healthy enough to help us

Erik Spoelstra- More minutes for Udonis is a possibility

Erik Spoelstra- This series is more than playing with a chip on your shoulder

Erik Spoelstra- We realize what's at stake

Erik Spoelstra- Winning Wednesday erases all the bad

Chris Bosh- A couple of days off between Game 1 & Game 2 is a good thing

Chris Bosh- Chicago is playing better than us right now

Chris Bosh- Emotion will play a factor in this series

Chris Bosh- I want to do everyrthing aggresively

Chris Bosh- Just a lucky night for me on Sunday

Chris Bosh- My good game is overshadowed by the loss

Chris Bosh- No different approach trailing in a series

Chris Bosh- No one ever thought the Bulls would be an easy series

Chris Bosh- Shots just happened to go in for me in Game 1

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