Mavs Ride Into The Sunset; Heat Goes to Drawing Board

Well that hurt.  However, he we are.  So let's take a looksie here:

1-First off I would like to thank everyone from Peninsula is Mightier for allowing my posts here.  I know sometimes I go overboard, but that's what makes me me.  I am not about to change.  For all the people who RECed me and had good things to say thank you.  I appreciate it.  I think David does a great job here, and many of you that contribute give me good insight.  Being an "official" Heat fan for a year, I learned a lot.  Thank you.

2-To the Dallas Mavericks, congrats to you.  You guys played your asses off; not only in the finals, but the entire playoff run that you guys had was something to marvel at.  You came back against teams, forced overtimes, and beat the defending champs.  I can say it's nice to see guys like Nowitzki and Kidd get rings.  Now, the two of you can ride off in the sunset and let the Miami Heat drive the car.  But before we put the car in R and pull out of the lot, some things need to be addressed.

3-Lebron James needs therapy.  Bottom line.  When this guy is at the top of his game, there is no one better actively.  If Lebron played in the fourth, made free throws, did less facilitating, this series would be much different.  When it comes to the BIG moment, he folds like a tent.  He did it against San Antonio a few years ago, he did it this year.  I am not sorry he is on this team, nor am I sorry he is one my favorite players.  He needs to also come down a few levels and learn how to be a killer, not a bully, on the court.  He needs to learn "the Chicago way" as depicted in the Untouchables.  When someone uses a knife, you use a gun.  If they put one of yours in the hospital, you put one of theirs in the morgue.  I really think Lebron needs to focus on the game and not himself as a product for Nike and everyone else.  Once he does that, look out world.   He will be the terror that everyone here dreams about.  I think he needs to spend the offseason working on his game mentally, and taking inventory in whether he wants to be a name brand, or a kick ass basketball player.  We already have one icon in Miami who never won a title, we don't need another. 

4-D-Wade is a class act.  He was the one who was hated less, and for good reason.  He came alive in these finals like no one else.  He just didn't have enough help.  We have seen what this team does when D-Wade and Lerbon are clicking.  They need to draw up that plan for next year.

5-Chris Bosh gets a bad rap.  The man wears his heart on his sleeve.  I have new respect for him after these playoffs.  He played his ass off, and gave maximum effort.  I wish he was more involved in the game, but unfortunately, everyone was taking off point because of the game plan that Dallas used.  It's a shame that people give this guy crap all the time, but I really do think Chris Bosh showed many people during the playoffs why he was a part of this equation.  He may have missed blocking Dirk's layup in game 2, but he did so much more positive throughout the series that people should have more respect for him.

6-Many players stepped up and the question is who will be back.  I really want UD and Miller back, as well as James Jones, Rio, and Anthony.  Everyone else is fair game for trading as far as I'm concerned.

7-And as for all the fans from other cities who hated on the Heat for months, hope you are all happy with the result.  While your teams were sitting at home, the Heat was in the Finals.  Sure they lost, but as far as New York, your ass didn't even get past the first round.  Chicago, your superstar couldn't close against the Heat.  Boston, you can get on the horse and follow Kidd to the sunset.  Cleveland, hell why even worry about Cleveland?  Your city is a fricking toilet.  Why the hell would Lebron want to spend another day in your garbage dump of a city is beyond me?  Dan Gilbert is an ass.  Period.  He had to make a tweet yesterday.  You failed to make moves for Lebron to stay.  Here is a comparison that's fair between Michael Jordan and Lebron James.  Michael Jordan had a management staff that would get players for him.  Michael Jordan's team's owner wasn't a douche bag (although some will argue with me on that), and Michael Jordan's fans in Chicago are good people (other than there bandwagon behavior the last two weeks and Cub fans, but hey what are you going to do?  Kidding.)

Final thought:  The thing that has bothered me this series is too much hatred.  It's OK to hate teams.  Everyone hates the Yankees, Red Wings, Lakers, Celtics, Steelers, Patriots, etc.  And mainly it's because they win.  Yes I know the Heat were cocky.  Yes I know the Heat had a celebration to announce the three players.  However, the real story should be how the Dallas Mavericks won the championship.  The way the post game was handled last night was a joke.  Too much time was spent on the fact the Heat lost, not the Mavericks win.  Even Rick Carlisle commented "enough with the Lebron reality show.  How about what these guys did?"  I think the Heat will learn a lot from this, and will come back stronger and wiser next year.  Lebron James will get his ring.  So will Chris Bosh.  They will do it.  Let's hope a deal can be reached between the NBA and the players and it doesn't break these guys up. 

I jumped on, and I'm not getting off no matter what.  I am proud of what the Heat accomplished this year.  Not bad for a team just getting together with tons of new faces.  Imagine what they will do in the future.  The Heat will be back, find a center, make a decision about Spo, and be back next year.

Quote of the day-"At the end of the day, all the people that was rooting on me to fail, at the end of the day they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that they had before they woke up today.  They have the same personal problems they had today. I'm going to continue to live the way I want to live and continue to do the things that I want to do with me and my family and be happy with that."-Lebron James

This is a fan-created post on The opinions here are not necessarily those shared by the editorial staff at Hot Hot Hoops.

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