LeBron’s Decision

Here's something I wrote at the time of his 'Decision'.

Lebron Raymone James,
You may have heard of him
He was born and raised in Akron, Ohio
now about to play as a part of a trio
that’s completed by Bosh and Wade



Well, it seems that Cleveland got played
and now Bron’s being flayed
by the very same people who sprayed
graffiti dedicated to him and prayed
for his well being, till of late
when this twist of fate
put a corker on their dreams of a championship parade
Now they call his endless posture a charade
A farce, by one who was afraid
to stick it out for loyalty’s sake.

Now they want his head on a plate
They say he had too much on his plate
To step up to the plate
And knock it out of the ballpark.

So he went to start with a clean slate
In the city where the Miami Heat played
A place to play with his feet laid
Up on a high stool.
Higher at any rate
than any he could create
by himself, without help from D Wade.

A stool on three legs
to keep the trophy on.
A trophy works wonders to redress
all issues and make them seem less
than the accompanying free press
would have you believe.
The media would like to impress
upon you facts from multiple sources unprocessed.
For them, nothing is too far fetched
They’d have you believe in crazy rumors hatched
by themselves sometimes.
The thing with media is
the more you see
the more you see less.

Now watching Bron on ‘The Decision’
many would snort with derision.
But he did seem at odds with himself.
Odds are he probably means well
according to him, or maybe he had a bout of bad ego spell.

From a young age he’s been followed
by hype unprecedented
Culminating in a request most hallowed.
from the US’s Presidente

Remarking it’d be nice if he signs with Chicago bulls
Just an advice, as he pines for king be the one who fuels
A dynasty in his hometown, problem being
there was another here who was crowned
as the undisputed king in this town.
He had six rings, his play was sound
and a statue outside immortalized him for years to hound
any who tried to fit his shoes, might as well try fitting a square peg in round.

Take his decision and my rhyme
with a grain of salt, a slice of lime
See, if someone compliments me
it pumps my chest, boosts my ego,
now put yourself in his shoes, look at things from the view
of one who receives more adulation in a day than many in a year do
At a young age, the importance of his media image was ingrained and engaged
along with the love of the game, some may think it lame
to defend one who preaches loyalty
and practices his royalty
in a fashion so grand
as to put his brand
ahead of his homeland.

All I say is none of us are in a position to understand
what life he’s led, and what it’s made of the man
It looks like an easy life, free from the usual strife
but it’s bred different values, which we can’t relate to unless experience the rife
of pressure, pleasure, pain, magnified thousand fold, alright.

Don’t be so quick to judge
It’s easy to hold a grudge
All it takes is a gentle nudge
To turn the chosen one
The favoured son
into Atilla the hun

Only the one above may pass judgment on a man’s soul
and also those robed ones who keep me on parole.
(C’mon guys, I’m not going anywhere, call it off.
Gimme a chance, I assure I’m not gonna pull a Bron)

Now if anyone has the right
To feel some spite from his flight
which was accompanied with no emotion contrite
It’s his teammates who played with him night after night

However, Mo Williams seems to wish him well
with no veiled implication suggesting that he drown in a well.

Follow his example
and wallow in the ample
display of talent that we’ll be treated to
on a nightly basis, so be seated you
and enjoy the show
where we are all witness
to the happy bounce in Bosh’s tress
coming from playing with the league’s best.

This is a fan-created post on The opinions here are not necessarily those shared by the editorial staff at Hot Hot Hoops.

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