It's All Lebron James Fault

Last year was epic. The combination of two NBA superpowers merging in the Sunshine State with a talented forward who was used to being the star not having to worry about carrying the load anymore. Yes, there was a Decision. Yes there was a celebration before the season started. Yes they had they're issues. Yes they came up short in the finals. Yes, yes yes.

However, this year's Miami Heat team is not worried about the bravado. They're not worried about being the New World Order of basketball. They are just three guys who want to do what every team wants to do; win the NBA Championship.

So why the fans of other teams hate?

Is it that stinging feeling from last year? With the Bulls fans, I see an chippy inferiority complex as the Heat beat them in 5 in the Eastern Conference Finals. With Knicks fans, they believe their big two are better and the future, and now have a whole lot on #linsanity to go with it. Why pick on Chris Bosh when no one talked about him for years in Toronto? Can you really say anything bad about Dwyane Wade when all he does is take it all in stride?

Nope, it's because Lebron James is a member of the Miami Heat, and everyone and anyone want to take shots at him. Because of the nick name. Because of the comparisons to "his airness." And because of his last two appearances in the fourth quarter. So every time Lebron opens his mouth, someone has to open theirs and think their voice is better. If people aren't opening their mouths, then people want to point their fucking fingers and say that's the bad guy.

Take a few games this season when Lebron James missed his fourth quarter free throws. Voices came out from the darkness about his shrinkage in the fourth. Then there was the #withoutwade nonsense. Lebron can play better without Wade was what analysts and wanna be hall of famers were saying all over ESPN and TNT. Lebron gives praise to Blaine Gilbert's dunk over Kendrick Perkins, and Perkins blasts Lebron. Then Lebron has to answer questions about it.

Now rewind to yesterday when asked how would he feel about playing in Cleveland:

"I think it would be great, it would be fun to play in front of these fans again. I had a lot of fun times here. You can't predict the future. Hopefully you continue to stay healthy. I'm here as a Miami player and I'm happy where I am now but I don't rule that out in any sense. If I decide to come back, hopefully the fans will accept me."

If you are retarded, you will run with this and think he automatically wants to leave the Heat and go back to the closed arms of Dan Gilbert. Looking at you Wojnarowski. Someone who I respect dearly called this all a precursor to go back to Cleveland, stating a report back in July about how James wasn't happy in Miami now has grown a pair of sexy legs so he can piggyback this gem off of it. And give Woj credit, he will stand behind what he wrote no matter how JFK sounding it is.

Bottom line is this. Lebron James is one of the greatest active players in the NBA right now. Lebron's actions and quotes will be put under the microscope until he wins one. And then he has to win another, and another, and another. Lebron needs to be given the chance to tell all the haters "I told you so, now piss off." Oh and guess what kids. He is well on his well to winning MVP trophy number 3.

We Miami Heat fans hope he gets that opportunity this year after winning the NBA Championship he really craves, along with having the peace of mind that he has no enemies. Including his former city.

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