I have alot on my mind and i am about to explode, please enjoy my rant and feel free to input how you feel about certain subjects...

Maybe my fellow friends on the site here can help me figure some things and can agree with me on a few thing. There might be a few spelling and grammar mistakes, but i quite frankly don't give a damn because this is MY RANT!

  • When is Mario Chalmers going to be consistent? We seen him score 28 points in a game, and then there's a game where is has 5 turnovers in 5 minutes. We see flashes of greatness on defense, steals and shutting down his man. Then there's Rio who watches the ball instead of his man and commits the <strong>STUPIDEST FOULS </strong>at the <strong>WRONG TIME!</strong> Your a professional basketball player playing at the most important position on the court you have to get it together. I will give him props though just like Joel Anthony he's came a long way especially from last season.

  • Eddy Curry let's be real even if he does get in basketball shape, he won't make an impact. He day dreams on the court as if he's surprised he's still in the league. He can score but that is NOT what Miami Heat basketball is about, we pride ourselves on defense and he simply can't keep up. And please don't get me started on the boards; where he makes little to no effort to box out his man, the only time he gets a rebound is if the ball bounces his way! Cut him and bring in Przybilla.

  • Bosh gets little to no touches ever since Wade came back. He goes sometimes the WHOLE third quarter without a damn shot attempt, your a superstar DEMAND THE BALL!!! Then we decide to feed Bosh the ball in the fourth quarter after he hasn't touched the ball in almost forever and we expect him to knock down jumpers?? UNBELIEVABLE

  • 4th Quarter Isolations'. GOD PLEASE HELP ME REFRAIN FROM BREAKING MY COMPUTER WHILE TALKING ABOUT THIS SUBJECT. Why the hell... WHY IN THE HELL DO we continue to iso the whole fourth quarter even though we know it's not working? WHY? Why hasn't Spo addressed this? Is he scared of his own damn players??? If anybody gets in contact with any of the Big 3 or the coaching staff, tell them to cut that BS out and move the ball around like we do in the other 3 quarters.

  • James Jones. Rots on the bench as we watch Battier get a massive amount of minutes as if he was fresh out of college. Spo is a defensive guy i know, but the production on the bench is atrocious, put JJ in there and let him drain a couple threes damnit!

There's more i want to say but this will do for now. Until my next rant i am signing off, 1- The H3ATLES-6

This is a fan-created post on The opinions here are not necessarily those shared by the editorial staff at Hot Hot Hoops.

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