The LeBron Debacle

This is my first post here and as a big fan of the Miami Heat, I feel really excited to be given the opportunity to post for my favorite team in the NBA. Unlike maybe some who became only a Heat fan since the Big Three was borne, I've been a fan of the Heat since the Alonzo Mourning - Tim Hardaway days and I must say, even if I was also a big fan of the Bulls during that era, I'm more of a Heat fan than a Bulls fan. I liked the way the Heat played then and I'm even liking it more the way they play now.

But as the title suggests, I'm here to express my views about probably one of the most dominating players to play the game, LeBron James. I've always admired how LeBron plays the game. He's just dominating. He can dictate the flow of the game in many facets and the guy is just awesome. Sometimes you can't even help but wonder how this guy is able to perform in such a high level every single night. But then of course, like every "hero", LeBron, too, had his weaknesses, and it was none more apparent than his showing in last year's NBA finals against the Mavericks where he seemingly just disappeared. Apparently, LeBron didn't have the same mettle as that of Michael Jordan and, well, Kobe Bryant. According to some pundits (and haters), LeBron is a coward, choosing to defer when it counted the most. I must admit, after the Heat lost last year's, I tweeted him and called him a failure. I don't know if he received it or if he even took notice, but I did and later on, I realized I was wrong. How could I have judged the guy right away when in the Boston and Chicago series', he was just fantastic?

And now comes this season. According to, LeBron's been averaging 27.6 ppg, 8.4 caroms per game and 6.8 dimes. And the guy is one of the more efficient players in the league. He has a PER of 32.90, which is number 1 in the league this season. The guy has been a beast if you ask me and yet, people refer to him as a coward.

But I see where the haters are coming at. The finals game against the Mavs where they lost still cloud their minds. LeBron's botched pass to a teammate (was it D-Wade) in the All-Star game and his pass to Udonis Haslem which led to a miss, all contribute to the misconception that LeBron isn't in the same class as Jordan and Bryant. But have we asked ourselves, did LeBron really wanted to be like MJ or Kobe? As it is, he doesn't because he's averaging quite nicely in the assists department and as we all know, MJ or Kobe weren't really known for their being unselfish. The mere fact that LeBron chose to team up with 2 other Superstars in Bosh and Wade just says that he doesn't really care much about being the heir apparent to Jordan or Kobe. Heck if you ask me, I think he'd rather be like Magic Johnson. And wasn't that what he was being viewed when he was a rookie in 2003, the next Magic Johnson? His unselfishness has been misconstrued to cowardice and frankly I really don't know why.

Earlier today, the Los Angeles Lakers lost to the lowly Washington Wizards. Kobe had 30 points but in the 4th quarter, he only shot 1 out of 10. I've been reading the fans comments and I wondered why people even revere someone who'd hog the ball instead of share it against someone who'd rather share it?? Great as Kobe is, he can't win the game alone. That's why there are 5 of them playing in the court together. Yet after throwing bricks, Kobe is still regarded as the best clutch player of his generation? Give me a break! And how about Jordan? Didn't Jordan defer to John Paxson and Steve Kerr before? Was Jordan a coward then?

My point is, so much has been said about LeBron. Yes, he could be an egotistic prick off the court but on the court, when he's playing as well as anybody is, give the guy a break. The guy is doing everything for his team and still he doesn't get recognized for what he's done. Bottomline is, the Heat's trio of LeBron, Wade and Bosh know how to play the game correctly and that is through teamwork. If the people would always insist on and crave for hero basketball then you're teaching kids the wrong lesson. Basketball is a team sport and no matter how talented one player is, he still needs his teammates to win. That is what LeBron is trying to show us. No matter how good he is, he is still just one player and one player can't win it all for his team.

There's nothing wrong with being unselfish. What's wrong is to be ballhog and be praised for it. So which would you rather be? The unselfish one who wins or the ballhog who loses? Hmmm.

This is a fan-created post on The opinions here are not necessarily those shared by the editorial staff at Hot Hot Hoops.

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