Lebron James: Introduction to the Kobe System



Kobe: Good morning Lebron, I am Kobe Bryant and this is The Kobe System.

Lebron: I know who you are Kobe.

Kobe: Do you really?

Lebron: Sure I do! Everyone does.

Kobe: Have we met in the playoffs?

Lebron: ummmmmmmmmmm

Kobe: Moving On! Right now you are wondering why do they call you King James? You're wondering if I can provide you one legitimate reason for such a gesture?

Lebron:Come on now Kobe I know you can come up with at least one!


Lebron: No?

Kobe: I don't make excuses.

Lebron: I'm confused

Kobe: You should be.

Kobe: Lebron this particular segment is called Successfully Succeeding at Statistics.

Lebron: Oh we can skip this one,check my PER I am the epitome of Succeeding at Statistics.

Kobe: Precisely! However from experience its a much better feeling to succeed as a basketball player.

Lebron: You're losing me again Kobe. From my understanding I am successful.

Kobe:You're attempt to humor me is further indication of your failure to do the impossible. The Kobe System's aim is to raise you to a level where impossible tasks become routine..

Lebron: NO! Kobe I am successful! I have scoring titles. Multiple MVP awards. I'm always near the top in PER.

Kobe:Did your MVP award come with a ring?

Lebron: No.

Kobe: Exactly how many rings did your scoring titles and top PER average get for you?

Lebron: None.

Kobe: So what you are left with appears to be a handful of excuses. When you are ready to lay down those excuses, I Kobe Bryant will give you first hand advice on how to obtain your first ring.

Lebron: Really?

Kobe: No.

Lebron: You know I'm better than you right?

Kobe:Statistically, perhaps depends on your view. Are you statistically successful or a successful statistic?

Lebron: I don't know what I am anymore.

Kobe: Your Welcome.

This is a fan-created post on The opinions here are not necessarily those shared by the editorial staff at Hot Hot Hoops.

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