Bringing the Heat: Goodbye Season, Hello Playoffs

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It was a great season. It was a special season with some ups and some downs. Take for instance that run where the Heat won three road games in three nights by double digits.

Or how about when LeBron chased down that loose ball, grabbed it, spun in the air while his momentum was pushing him out of bounds, and delivered a perfect strike to Wade on the run. And we've seen countless teams come to the AAA and wish they had just stayed home. But, we've also seen injuries and after the All Star Break the Heat suffered several losses to playoff bound teams .

Then as the end of the season came closer, LeBron had an unreal game vs the Nets and Wade returned from recuperating as the Bulls came to town for the final time of the regular season. Miami took care of business in a battle of defenses. It was a great game but we cannot use it as a true measuring stick, with Rose and Bosh both sitting it out.

As interesting as the season was, it ended with a whimper, as many teams around the league opted to rest key players. Some teams showed that they are remarkably deep, while Miami and others showed that their depth is still a big question mark.

Now, its time for the Playoffs to begin. The Heat's first test will be the Knicks. That's the test.... on paper. Miami Heat vs. New York Knicks, But the real test is Miami Heat vs. Miami Heat. I say this because I have seen there are two sides to this team. The coach can draw up great plays one day, but draw blanks the next. There is a bench that has shown great potential but has gone on hiatus of late. There are times when Bosh, Wade and LeBron have all shown that they can disappear for a few days. Bosh is the most extreme of the three. We have all seen how they can do great things together on the court. I fully believe the Heat will bring their A Game. But its up to the Heat.

The Heat cannot afford to let teams guard them 3 on 5. The Heat must attack that weakness. They have to challenge teams to guard them 5 on 5. There needs to be plays set up for whomever is on the court with the Big Three. Several plays. Maybe a play where we see Miller on a baseline cut with a driving Wade or LeBron dishing the ball for an easy layup. Or a pick and roll with the ball handler actually feeding the roller like Anthony or Haslem. I know Miami will defend with great intensity and that is not going to be an issue. But its up to the Heat to make their opponents confused, and do to the opponents exactly what OKC did to Miami in OKC. The opponents need to be back on their heels, having no clue where the next hit is going to come from.

Based on how the Heat finished the season, everyone doubts the Heat's bench and role players. That is the perfect situation. Let them underestimate our players and watch as LeBron, Wade and Bosh feed the ball to the role players on cuts, at the 3 point line, and on the elbow. The opps' defenses will try to key in on the Big Three. The Big Three will still produce, and I believe we will see some great things from them in the Playoffs. But this is the time to attack them with every player in multiple ways. I hope to see this type of attack in the Playoffs. And I hope to see the Heat holding up the trophy at the end of it all.

This is a fan-created post on The opinions here are not necessarily those shared by the editorial staff at Hot Hot Hoops.

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