Good vs. Evil

The Generic Competition Story – Compared to Lebron

The young upstart protagonist (Lebron) is introduced into the story. He comes from humble beginnings (Cleveland Cavaliers) and was never given anything (Decent supporting cast) on a silver platter. Constantly bullied by stronger adversaries (Celtics), he works hard but never gives enough and constantly fails. Only until he discovers the value of friendship and teamwork (teams up with Wade and Bosh in Miami) does he finally find success (NBA finals again). At some point in his successes however, he gets cocky and lazy, and competes with a lack of conviction and purpose. He ultimately fails.

Meanwhile, his rich rival (Durant) is immediately given the best help (Westbrook, Harden and Co.) money (the Draft) can buy. Without delay, the rival enjoys enormous success without facing true adversity (Reaches finals at age 23 in a dominant fashion). He is showered with accolades, love and branded as the “good guy”. (Signing with your home team, (which just happens to be already very talented), doesn’t count as loyalty if you’re an RFA, because you basically have no real choice) However he has yet to show his true colors (Let’s see him lose a lot first before we crown him as loyal).

This time the protagonist transforms into the true hero. Seeking redemption (from the Decision), he trains and fights with determination and humility, and lets his actions speak louder than his words.

In the end, the hero ultimately faces his rival in the grand final battle…

The argument for Lebron as good or evil has been discussed over and over.

The case for Evil:

Lebron’s “Decision” was the ultimate display of disloyalty and arrogance and is unforgivable

The case for Good:

Lebron’s made some mistakes, but now he’s only trying to redeem himself, doesn’t he get a second chance?

However, do you think there’s a case to be made for Durant to be branded as “evil”?

Anyways, Go Heat!

This is a fan-created post on The opinions here are not necessarily those shared by the editorial staff at Hot Hot Hoops.

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