Putting an Issue to Rest

As many of you undoubted know, Mike and I have had a bit of a tiff the last few days. I am just making this fanpost to put that issue to rest. At first, I did not see the problem Mike had with me, but upon rereading my comments during the Celtics series (thanks Rocket), I now see. I think everyone has a right to be pissed after a 3 game losing streak in the ECF, but I definitely crossed the line. The losses brought my frustrations to the forefront. And yes, I do have frustrations with this team (not getting back on D, tendency to get outhustled, long periods of inconsistency, etc). Apparently 3 straight losses the the Celtics was enough to send me over the edge.

This was my comment in reply to Rocket showing me what I said after that game:

wow... damn didnt realize it was that bad, but when its all laid out like that it is

I believe this was during the Boston series when we were playing extremely poorly right? You’re right, guess I was overly emotional to they very poor nature of our play (at the time). I do think those comments are taken a bit out of context, because people had similar ideas. I was fine all game until we began to get out hustled late (hustle gets to me the most). Hindsight is 20-20 and at the time I really did think we lost the series due to the way we were playing and after losing 3 straight to the Celtics and having to beat them at the Garden (luckily we rose to the challenge). My frustration lied in our inconsistency that series— those stretches where we play terribly for a few minutes. That night, it just happened to come with the game still in question which (apparently) really got to me. Either way, I was certainly over emotional that night. I was also certainly dreading the possibility of having to endure an entire year of crap from C’s fans (I go to school in NE)

As for that night Mike keeps bringing up, I just read them over, the comments were no where near that bad. The extent of my comments that night were that we were out-hustled and that we had a history of being out-hustled at times. Some guy named Tim (I think he was a C’s fan- not sure) came later and had very similar opinions. He stated his comments in a non confrontational way and Mike got all over him for being a hate spewing troll. Tim wasnt inappropriate at first, but once the arguing started, he naturally became inappropriate. After like an hour of reading their argument, I commented to Mike that Tim was (at first) simply stating his opinion and there was no reason to go after him at that point. Even if Tim had a history of being a troll, arguing with him like that just gives him the reaction he wants and makes everything worse. From this point on, we should simply flag trolls rather than going after them (what they want)

But can we honestly just drop this at this point? Im sure that would make the site more enjoyable for everyone (even those not involved). I am not a bandwagon fan, but I will concede that I definitely am over emotional…

The one thing that gets me (and I still take exception to) is the whole bandwagon fan thing. I am not one of those guys who decided after The Decision on July 8th to follow Lebron. I have been a Heat fan long before Lebron and I will be one long after he hangs them up. And I honestly think that anyone who spends as much time as we do and actually joins a site like this to converse with other fans cannot possibly be a bandwagon fan. I certainly do get over emotional and hyper critical following playoff losses and there have been times over the last few weeks that I have been just that. Our tendency to get out hustled is what really upsets me at times. However, it seems that we learned our lesson in the Finals. After game 1, there was no way the Thunder would out hustle us.

I am not apologizing specifically to Mike, but rather to everyone I unintentionally upset. And I do thank Mike for being to committed to bringing this to my attention (even though I didnt see it at first). In the future, I will attempt to be more level headed following playoff losses.

GO HEAT. We are the champs. Lets do this thing again next year, get this dynasty started...

This is a fan-created post on The opinions here are not necessarily those shared by the editorial staff at Hot Hot Hoops.

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