2012 NBA Mock Draft: #27 Overall

Congratulations to the Miami Heat on winning the NBA Championship!

This season, I am making a mock draft by polling all of the teams' fans on who their team should pick. I also did this the previous three seasons, and there hasn’t been much time in any of them. I’m planning to go as quickly as possible between the SBNation blogs to get SBNation’s first round mock draft. Please vote!!!

To reply to the oft-asked question: "Should I choose the person I want our team to pick, or the person I think our team will pick", it's all up to you. Just don't select who you think is the BPA unless you think your team will pick him or that it would be smart for your team to pick him. Another commonly asked question... "Can there be a trade up or trade down choice?", to which the answer is NO.

As my polls begin to leave the front pages of the individual blogs, I will add percentages and the #2 and #3 options for each team's fans.

Please vote, and please comment too! Here's how SBNation has drafted so far:

1. New Orleans Hornets - Anthony Davis (79%), Damian Lillard (7%), Kendall Marshall (4%)

2. Charlotte Bobcats - Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (40%), Thomas Robinson (29%), Harrison Barnes (8%)

3. Washington Wizards - Bradley Beal (55%), Thomas Robinson (22%), Harrison Barnes (12%)

4. Cleveland Cavaliers - Harrison Barnes (42%), Thomas Robinson (20%), Jeremy Lamb (10%)

5. Sacramento Kings - Thomas Robinson (76%), Andre Drummond (15%), Perry Jones (1%)

6. Portland Trail Blazers - Andre Drummond (74%), Damian Lillard (8%), Jared Sullinger (4%)

7. Golden State Warriors - Jared Sullinger (34%), Perry Jones (31%), Terrence Jones (30%)

8. Toronto Raptors - Perry Jones (22%), Damian Lillard (26%), Jeremy Lamb (18%)

(If you're wondering about the percentages, I was forced to move on due to slow voting, and ten days later, a different player ended up winning; also, at least one SBNation user wrote outright that he spammed voting a couple times, including for the Raptors. In future seasons, I would like it if managers/editors of the respective blogs should do this instead of me.)

9. Detroit Pistons - John Henson (60%), Arnett Moultrie (10%), Tyler Zeller (9%)

10. New Orleans Hornets - Damian Lillard (36%), Austin Rivers (22%), Jeremy Lamb (10%)

11. Portland Trail Blazers - Terrence Jones (28%), Kendall Marshall (27%), Meyers Leonard (13%)

12. Milwaukee Bucks - Meyers Leonard (34%), Jeremy Lamb (19%), Tyler Zeller (18%)

13. Phoenix Suns - Jeremy Lamb (28%), Austin Rivers (22%), Kendall Marshall (17%)

14. Houston Rockets - Austin Rivers (40%), Tyler Zeller (25%), Terrence Ross (14%)

15. Philadelphia 76ers - Terrence Ross (35%), Arnett Moultrie (26%), Dion Waiters (13%)

16. Houston Rockets - Tyler Zeller (34%), Kendall Marshall (29%), Fab Melo (14%)

17. Dallas Mavericks - Dion Waiters

18. Minnesota Timberwolves - Will Barton (28%), Royce White (20%), Quincy Miller (12%)

NOTE: This pick was traded to the Houston Rockets for Chase Budinger and the rights to Lior Eliyahu.

19. Orlando Magic - Kendall Marshall

20. Denver Nuggets - Arnett Moultrie

21. Boston Celtics - Andrew Nicholson (28%), Royce White (25%), Moe Harkless (17%)

22. Boston Celtics - Royce White (42%), Moe Harkless (22%), Fab Melo (12%)

23. Atlanta Hawks - Fab Melo

24. Cleveland Cavaliers - Moe Harkless

25. Memphis Grizzlies - John Jenkins

26. Indiana Pacers - Quincy Miller

27. Miami Heat - ???

Here are the options:

  • PG Marquis Teague
  • G Tony Wroten
  • F Jeff Taylor
  • F/C Miles Plumlee
  • G Doron Lamb
  • F Jae Crowder
  • G Evan Fournier
  • SF Darius Miller
  • PG Tyshawn Taylor
  • C Kyle O'Quinn
  • PF Draymond Green
  • C Festus Ezeli
  • SG Orlando Johnson
  • C Bernard James
  • G/F Kim English

If I'm missing somebody, please comment immediately!


This is a fan-created post on The opinions here are not necessarily those shared by the editorial staff at Hot Hot Hoops.

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