Blatche vs Milicic, a few thoughts

I'm not even sure if this is a valid question being asked in in Pat RIley's office. But I'm sure that fans of the Miami Heat, new and old, are asking this. Should the Heat add either Andray Blatche or Darko Milicic?

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There are likely to be 4 different camps around this discussion. The first group is going to say that they Heat should definitely add Darko, second group thinks Blatche is an answer, third group is greedy and will say both. Of course the last group will say let em both walk.

I'm part of the fifth group, wait, there's a fifth group? Yeah, there is now. I'm the only one in it, here at my house.

The first group, the ones that say that say Riley should add Milicic. They'll point to last years PER of 9.02, decent. They'll wave their arms at 5 points, 3 boards, and 1 block a game from last year. Very average numbers, so they may talk about the career 6 points, 4 boards and 1.5 blocks a game. They would be wrong in pointing out that Darko gives you more scoring than Joel with the same rebounding a defense. Well that's what they numbers say, and numbers never lie.

Really, Darko is bigger and taller than Joel and Dexter. More experienced than either one too. So there is a good case to be made for adding Darko. He answers a lot of needs the team has, ok, really just one. Veteran center that can contribute something. I'll leave it at that for Darko

Because there's option 2, signing Andray Blatche. Long deep breathe here. Andray was part of one of the worst teams in history, and consistently shows a lack of on/off the court discipline. And yet, he still has better numbers than Joel, Darko, and obviously Dexter. He has NBA experience, and NBA size. He's not a center, at least he's not listed as a center. But he's plays like a big, he has the size of a big and the "tough" mentality of a big.

The question is, can her get his mind right? And that's always been the question with Andray, always. He has talent and shows ability, but can he get it together. Now there is something working in his favor, Javal McGee. Javal instantly became better once he changed teams. Once there was accountability, once he wasn't allowed to just do what he wanted. SO considering what Javal how shown he can do on a good team with veteran leaders and accountability, there's hope for Andray.

Breathe again, cause this is a short point. Trying to add both of them. Right, David Stern would fly to Miami and judo chop Pat Riley in the throat. Because there's no way that Stern or other GM's will stand idly around and allow the Heat to completely shore up their one glaring(supposed) weakness with 2 competent players.

And that's where the 4 group is. The group that agrees with what Spo and Riley consistently say. That this team already has enough. That they don't need to add from the outside, that this team can compete at the same high level with the additions that they already made. And you or I would be hard pressed to make an argument against what they've already done. Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis are solid additions that will slot in nicely, though neither is an actual post player. Still, already made solid additions.

So that's make take on the sudden free agencies of Milicic and Blatche. That's how I see the five groups breaking out. Wait, I said five. Fifth group is easy. It's the group that knows that LeBrno James will make anyone on the team better. So it doesn't matter who they add, vet or rookie, LBJ will make them better.

This is a fan-created post on The opinions here are not necessarily those shared by the editorial staff at Hot Hot Hoops.

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