LeBron James and Kevin Durant are working out together once again

July 23, 2012; Barcelona, SPAIN; USA forward Lebron James (6) and guard Kevin Durant (5) after practice at Palau Sant Jordi. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-US PRESSWIRE

After both surviving the long haul of a condensed NBA lockout schedule, a grueling path to the finals and road to a gold medal for team USA in the Olympics, LeBron James and Kevin Durant are prepared to begin training.

ESPN is reporting that James and Durant have teamed up once again to start a series of pre-training workouts. They began training together last summer and so eloquently titled it "Hell Week". LeBron released video footage of their workouts online which took place near his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

Both Durant and LeBron took to twitter today to describe their most recent workout together:

"Just finished a great workout with @KDTrey5. On court work, ran the hill and finished running the football field. #StriveforGreatness," - via Lebron James Twitter"

"I got better today! That's all that matters!! Move em." - via Kevin Durant's twitter

Skip Bayless and Steven A Smith debated earlier today whether they agree or disagree with the NBA's top 2 MVP candidates in their decision to work out together. While these debates are growing highly ambigious I think Durant and LeBron deserve a break.

Could it diminish their competitive drive against one another? Yea possibly. At the same time it could also raise there games to a higher level, equating to more entertainment and appreciation from fans across the world.

Perhaps this is just another reminder that the old days of trash talk, in your face, no alliance basketball that many of us grew up on is over. We live in a different generation, one that is propagated by social media, coropations, sponsorhips and advetising agencies that will do whatever it takes to get into the lives of these athlethes. Would Magic Johnson have tweeted pictures of him and several women, partying after a glorified championship while smoking a cigar? Probably. But if he did, do you think that would have reduced his competitive edge and desire to win? I didn't think so.

So for now, we can only speculate what Durant or LeBron could or could not be if they decided to act a different way when we all should just accept the fact that they're friends, who have respect and appreciation for each others game.

Even tho I would honestly prefer that they be enemies and compete as if they hated each other throughout their careers, I won't criticize them one bit for it.

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