Bynum, to be or not to be in South Beach ?

All the reasons being touted for why the Heat should not consider bringing in Bynum all sound like a broken record being played all over again. Let us go down memory lane, if you may join me.

Was Birdman not called a "couch potato with legal issues"? Before him, Rashard Lewis was called an "overpaid wreck"!
Come Oden, some pleaded and begged on behalf of "Oden's Knees", as if they cared more for Oden Knees than the Heat's training staff.Others, sadly ridiculed his Knees. Not too distant, Beasley was called " a dealer" and they "worried" for Mario.

The same charade is being played all over with Bynum. He has being called a "poison", who does nothing but fat bad air into the locker room. An original "knucklehead" they say he is. I wonder what that means ? Certainly, a guy who gives you 8.3 points,5.4 rebounds,1.1 assists in 19 minutes knows enough, that being called inept,stupid or blockhead does not fit him.Those are synonyms for knucklehead, if you ask me. Do I still hear knucklehead,blockhead,clueless,inept,stubborn,stupid?

Other have said having Bynum will overwhelm the Heat's trainers who have Oden's knees and Wade's to deal with. Did the trainers not once have Rahsard's knees, Allen's ankle, Wade's Knees and Bosh's back to deal with all at once? I did not hear that they complained of being overwhelmed then. So what gives now?

Some say that Bynum's out of this world proportions will block the driving lanes for Wade and Lebron. Mmmmmmmm.......that sounds like stretching it too far. I do remember D-Wade playing with one of the dominant big men/ centers ever in the history of basketball.This guy was so dominant that he earned an exclusive zone beneath and around the rim called "Shaq's territiory", that only the brave at heart dared enter. I do not remember him being a hindrance in the lane for D-Wade when they were on the floor together. As a matter of fact and on records, this dominant big man was so awed by D-Wade tantalizing, quick lightening drives in the lane that he called D-Wade "FLASH" ! To juggle your memory, you know D-Wade won his first ring with this big man, called Shaquille O'Neal. Inch for inch,weight by weight, Bynum is nothing compared to Shaq. So how will Bynum block the driving lane for Lebron and D-Wade again, I ask?

To top up the arguments, it has been suggested that the Heat will be forced to change their identity, their style of play.That the whole team will be forced to adapt.It is too late to do that. It is a huge risk for team chemistry they cry. WAOooooo, Deja Vu all over again! Birdman was acquired by the Heat much later in the season.So was Runny Turiaf before him. Yet, both later acquisitions, much later than Bynum will be, paid off huge for the Heat! It is not as if Bynum is going to be a starter.Neither do I see him being the first option off the bench.So how is he going to adversely affect the Heat's identity if he comes off the bench to play 3 to 5 minutes of possible game changing minutes in 48 minutes game? So 5 minutes or thereof of Bynum will change the Heat's identity?

The whole irony is that we do not know if Bynum is even interested in being on the court again or to play for the Heat.But voices have risen up so fast to KILL that imagination or hope if he has any. That is dangerous ground. Let us tread carefully.

The other denominator we have overlooked, is what do the guys with whom he might interact with more than you or I, think of his acquisition? We may not know soon enough but maybe later, considering how the Heat conduct their business.

Like I have said over and over, it does not hurt for the Heat to talk with Bynum and gauge where his frame of mind is.His body of work is enough for him to merit a consideration. The Heat has been on this road so many times before.The Heat have capable minds that can separate the substance from the chaff.

Shall we go through this cacofony once again and make simple issues look complex for those whose it is to make the decisions?

This is a fan-created post on The opinions here are not necessarily those shared by the editorial staff at Hot Hot Hoops.

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