Who deserves to start in the All Star game, Bosh or Irving?

Ronald Martinez

The NBA All Star game is nearing and speculation is growing about whether Spoelstra will start Chris Bosh or Kyrie Irving. But, let's analyze who really deserves the nod more.

Erik Spoelstra knows exactly what he's doing. I'm not just referring to his decision that is expected to be announced shortly, but also the inevitable suspense that is building with each passing day.

"Wouldn't it be so much more fun with some suspense?" - Spoelstra said

He's milking it for what it's worth and I don't blame him. But should he start Bosh? Here's some "obvious" bullet points that break down different reasoning for Spoelstra's decision.

  • Out of Loyalty = Bosh
  • Statistically = Irving
  • To make history = Bosh
  • Fan entertainment = Irving
  • Position (PG/guard) = Irving
  • "Positionless" = Bosh

In my opinion, if a forward got injured, say Kevin Garnett or Carmelo Anthony, I'd say no questions, no brainer, case closed, nothing to talk about, forget about it (Italian voice), Spoelstra should start Chris Bosh. BUT. The fact that Rajon Rondo is a guard, it just touches my nerve that Spoelstra would seemingly manipulate the position ambiguity of the All Star game and start four front court players.

I just don't think it would send the right message if Spoelstra didn't select a guard to replace a guard. Nobody will question his loyalty to the Miami Heat or Bosh, but rather, understand that he's simply following traditional protocol.

On another note, if I was Bosh, I wouldn't want to get lobbied in to the starting unit in such a way, regardless if it made franchise history. It just seems forced and politically rudimental. Bosh however, feels differently about if he, LeBron and Wade start.

"Hell, yeah, it should count. No asterisk. No asterisk. Whether I do start or I don't start, people will always have opinions. But it's all for fun" - Bosh said.

I don't know about all that, Bosh. If it was all for fun, then it wouldn't matter to you that much about the Heat having three starters.

If Bosh was having a better season, perhaps the case would be more justified. In the East, he currently ranks 47th in rebounding percentage at 12.8, tied for career low, 9th among frontcourt players in PER and 11th overall at 20.61. He is however, shooting a career high in FG% (54.6), ranking 5th in the East and sports the 11th best True shooting percentage (60.5).

On the other hand, Kyrie Irving in the East, ranks 1st in scoring among guards and 6th in the whole NBA at 24 PPG, second among guards in PER and fifth overall at 22.78, 3rd in Usage rate (above LeBron) at 29.2, 7th among all East guards in True Shooting% (57.3). Irving is just so immensely talented and gifted, that I think it would be a shame if he didn't start. Other than LeBron James, I don't think there's anyone on the East All Star roster that fans would be more excited to watch. I think this kid is the future and what he's been doing statistically as a 20-year old, combined with the minimal amount of games he's played in the NBA (88), is more historic and indicative of an All Star start.

"That's fair. You got to root for your guy. I know they're very excited because they have an All-Star and Kyrie Irving is very good. But you can't please everybody." - said Bosh

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