Heat Preview: On to the Next One...in Orlando


The Miami Heat have played down to the opposition during this historic winning streak but will the trend continue in Orlando? Either way, it's must-watch TV regardless.

The Miami Heat are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.... but you know it's gonna be yummy!

This Heat Streak has come with 26 wins and a few surprises.

Typically, co-workers, friends and neighbors ask me, "Is there a game tonight? Who do we play?" It usually comes with a response like "oh, easy game" or "no big deal," but if the Cleveland Cavs game last Wednesday taught us anything, it was that nothing is "no big deal." The Heat's legendary 27-point comeback and subsequent win after blowing a 9-point lead also taught us that nothing is impossible.

So as the Heat roll through this part of the schedule, playing sub .500 teams, they managed to get on top of the Detroit Pistons Friday night after a slow start and a surge in the second half. Then the defending champs came out strong Sunday versus the Charlotte Bobcats and managed to maintain their lead throughout the second half with strong production and energy coming from the secondary unit.

Now, it's on to the next one.

Miami will play the Magic in Orlando on the backside of a back to back Monday night and again, you never know what you're gonna get. Will they play to their competition, come out strong, light it up in the second half, or grind it out? We know these teams always bring their A-game in an effort to kill the streak, especially on the national stage. (The Heat/Magic game was picked up at the last minute by ESPN.) But at this point in the streak there's a feeling, among true fans, that everything's gonna be all right. There's a confidence that even if the Heat start slow, make mistakes or blow a lead, they will find a way in their assorted box, to do what they need to do.

This team has everything from SportsCenter Top 10 Plays to great depth off the bench and everything in between and it all comes together to put us right where we want to be. Winning. As they head into this 4 game road trip, don't you dare miss Orlando because, "It's just the Magic" or miss New Orleans because, "It's just the Hornets." Nothing is "no big deal" in these match-ups. You never know what you're gonna get... or what you're gonna miss!

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