Vote for Dwyane Wade to win the Community Assist Award

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For the first time ever, fans can vote to determine who will win the 2013 Seasonlong Kia Community Assist Award.

Dwyane Wade is one of ten NBA players to be nominated for the 2013 Seasonlong Kia Community Assist Award and this year, for the first time, fans get the chance to help select the winner. Voting started Monday and continues through May 17th. The winner will receive $25,000 for their charity. The NBA gives this award to recognize the player who best demonstrates the league's commitment to giving back to the community. Wade's community, however, extends far beyond South Florida.

Through his Wade's World Foundation, Dwyane Wade helps countless numbers of children and families in the South Florida community as well as his hometown of Robbins and Chicago, Illinois. When he's not hosting a charity luncheon or dinner to raise funds for his favorite causes, he's talking to the kids, inspiring them to be their best.

In September 2012, Wade's first book, "A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger than Basketball" hit bookshelves and he met countless numbers of Dad's on his quest to inspire responsibility and positive leadership in their children's lives. He took that initiative into Houston this year during All-Star Weekend, partnering with Joel Osteen on a panel to discuss fatherhood . He then hosted his 6th annual All-Star Luncheon to raise funds for Houston Early Age Risk Testing & Screening.

Here in South Florida, Wade teamed up with author James Patterson to encourage reading and literacy. Patterson pledged to donate 1,000 books for every point Wade scored against the Chicago Bulls in March. During that game, Wade scored 18 points for the HEAT and 18,000 books for the kids.

Wade hosts week-long free basketball camps, partners for park improvement, hosts an annual trip to Santa's Enchanted Forest and makes numerous hospital visits during his time off. And yes, his love for his community extends beyond South Florida to his entire NBA community. Who could forget when he donated his New York Knicks game check to support victims of Hurricane Sandy?

Now is the time for HEAT fans and community members impacted by Wade's generous service to make their voices heard and cheer in a different way. Vote! To vote for Dwyane Wade to win the 2013 Seasonlong Kia Community Assist Award, visit the facebook page through the link below. Then like, share and tweet using #KiaCommunityAssist. Spread the word. Let's win this for our champ!

Vote For Dwyane Wade

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