The NBA Playoffs Are Great

Some people complain that it goes too long or the players don’t play defense. And I usually respond by throwing blunt objects at them while speaking in tongues. HOWEVER, if someone can ever calm me down enough to get something rational out of me, I try to rattle off a few things. But now I can just direct them here. YAY!

1. The games are good. Even though I refute those that complain about regular season NBA basketball, there are just some games that are not entertaining. But pretty much all these games, save for every Indiana game, have been relatively enjoyable.

2. Twitter is great. People love to tweet ridiculous things during basketball games (I see you Ron Artest Metta World Peace). Whether you’re watching the game or not, you can at least have Twitter up to see what all the crazy people think.

3. It takes my mind off the Marlins. Seriously guys, they’re rebuilding. They’ll be good soon.

4. Baskets go in. Remember how much passion people play with during March Madness? Yeah, now just imagine if the shots went in. No, really, it’s a real thing.

5. Stars play. These guys never come off the floor in the playoffs. They’ll probably get a break at the end of the first and third quarters, but then the superstars stay out there. The overall quality of play improves from the regular season because the best guys simply play more.

6. Crowds are great. Every crowd has different levels of "bringing it." Some crowds are better than others but every crowd is capable of rocking, even if only for the last few minutes. At times, you can actually see it rattling professionals.

7. TNT crew is great. I love Barkley, Kenny, Ernie, Shaq, Marv, Kerr, CRAIG SAGER, Reggie, C-Webb and everyone else on TNT. Watching the NBA on TNT is easily my favorite sports-watching experiences .

8. Joey Crawford. Everyone else hates Joey Crawford. As an official, here’s what I know: Joey Crawford is the best damn basketball official in the world. He’s doing what he’s doing. Take it or leave it. Joey doesn’t do it for attention. Joey does it because he’s better than you.

9. Things are relatively predictable. Things are crazy during March Madness. With only one game, a lot can go wrong. In a seven-game series, the team that’s better (or at least plays like it) will almost assuredly win. There might be "upsets" here and there, but when you look at each matchup, regardless of seeding, everything usually makes sense. I want to have a basic sense of reality, of what is likely to happen (not should happen). That’s why the finals (conference and NBA) are usually fun to watch. It’s truly the best teams.

10. The Minnesota Timberwolves can’t lose. They haven’t lost a playoff game since the first term of the Bush Administration. If you can get over the whole "haven’t been since Game 6 of the 2004 Western Conference Finals," this is a great thing.

This is a fan-created post on The opinions here are not necessarily those shared by the editorial staff at Hot Hot Hoops.

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