Is LeBron James better than Michael Jordan ever was?

Jonathan Daniel

Alonzo Mourning and Scottie Pippen are in agreement that LeBron is better than Michael. Are you?

Is there still any argument?! Any takers? It is the great debate! And we get a glimpse of it through a makeshift peephole of a cellphone video? No it can't be. The abrupt ending? Really c'mon man. Get a new phone for crying out loud or switch to a Droid or Apple because that Windows phone should be just as obsolete as your no longer favorite Blockbuster. It was great while it lasted, but there's just things out there way better. Anyways, back to the actual debate.

It's a train, it's a bulldozer nope that's just LeBron James the biggest baddest em effer on the court. But if you had to pick MJ or LeBron to take the last shot. Who do you pick? If the opposing team has the ball with waning seconds of the game winding down. Who do you have defend him?

Is it just a case of you like nacho cheese Doritos and I like the obviously better choice cool ranch? Does anybody have a time machine? I would much rather pay for LeBron to go back in time and play MJ than pay him to be in the slam dunk contest.

It's a short segment, but none the less, Alonzo always speaks the truth and we all listen. Would have loved to have been there for this.

For final measure for those of you who have not seen, here is the classic Stephen A. Smith vs Skip Bayless battle.

Michael Jordan was the great of his time. LeBron James is the great of this time. And this time sure feels pretty sweet, especially to be a front runnin, pay cuttin, bandwagon Heat fan.

Bring on the Pace...oh I guess not. I wonder if Spike Lee wrapped his hands around his neck and than his family jewels for good old fashioned Pacers - Knicks choke filled rivalry.

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