Why the amnesty of Mike Miller was the right move by the Miami Heat

Kevin C. Cox

After the Miami Heat amnestied Mike Miller, he became a hot commodity on the free agent market. Lots of teams have been rumored to be interested in Miller's services, and rightfully so. As we saw in the NBA Finals these past 2 years, Mike Miller can shoot to say the least. He exploded in Game 5 of the NBA Finals against the OKC Thunder to clinch the Heat's first championship in the LeBron James era. In this year's Finals, Miller was just as good, providing a spark off the Heats bench, and he even started some games throughout the NBA playoffs, and NBA Finals.

If that's the only Mike Miller other NBA teams have seen, then why wouldn't they want Mike Miller? C'mon now, he can shoot 3's without having his shoes on! I hate to rain on the parade, but this isn't the only side of Mike Miller we've seen over the years.

When Mike Miller is on, he's on. There's nothing you can do about it, except lay down, try not to cry, then cry a lot. Why would the Miami Heat amnesty him for? One of the reasons was after they did, they will save almost 40 million dollars.

Another reason why Miller was amnestied, and what should keep other teams from signing him to a huge contract, is that Miller is very injury prone. Just watch him play, he can barely get up and down the court, he's the old guy playing at the local YMCA.

Now go back to the Miami Heat's regular season, for a huge chunk of it, Miller wasn't even in the rotation, he didn't even play. As big of a role Mike Miller played in the NBA Finals, he barely played in the regular season. The same can be said about the season before that. Not all of this was because of injury, but it was definitely a huge factor.

If it wasn't for the last 2 NBA Finals series, Miller has been disappointing for a big chunk of his time in Miami, but when he has been able to get on the court, he's been fun to watch, and a huge part of the Heat organization. I love Mike and if you're a Heat fan, i'm sure you do too. Thunder fans and Spurs fans probably don't feel the same way though. We will definitely miss him next season, but placing the amnesty tag on him was probably the best move. With a smaller luxury tax bill for this year and next, the Heat can try to replace his production with younger, cheaper talent.

It had to be emotional for Mike not being on the Heat roster anymore, and all Heat fans. But in the long run, it might have been the best move. I can speak for all Heat fans here; We love you Mike Miller, you will always be a part of the Miami Heat organization, and we will miss you. Good luck with the rest of your career, and Let's Go Heat!

This is a fan-created post on The opinions here are not necessarily those shared by the editorial staff at Hot Hot Hoops.

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