LeBron's All Time Rank. Where I have him.

Multiple championships were needed to validate LeBron's rank as an all-time player to the general public. He was already a top 25 player of all time during his final season as a Cavalier; racking up 30-7-7 close to every night, winning two MVPs, a defensive force, great playoff performances etc. Dragging around a mediocre supporting cast for seven years deep into the playoffs wasn't good enough for the public. There is no defense for the 2011 NBA Finals but...... It's quiet now.

LeBron James has not reached Jordan in the category of legacy, accomplishments, playoff dominance, and NBA Finals dominance. Jordan will always have the massive edge in the NBA Finals department. And when you start comparing the two, nitpicking each is necessary.

So where is he at an all-time rank?

One of the seven or ten best players ever in my opinion. And his career isn't over yet. Where you want to throw him in that 7 through 10 range is personal preference. MJ, Kareem, Bird, Magic, Russell, and Wilt have a better overall legacies than James as of now. LeBron can be fit in between or ahead of Hakeem, Oscar, West, Moses, Kobe, Shaq, and K. Malone for now. The championships don't just validate his rank but his overall consistency and improvement over a celebrated career.

What is his peak?

Top 5...

Again, LeBron is 28 years old, and will turn 29 for the 2014 season in December. This is barring no injuries, having right supporting cast, and other variables that go into these rankings.

LeBron has a chance to catch Magic, Larry, and possibly Kareem for the number 2 spot in my opinion, by the time he hangs up his shoes.

Another two championships, two more finals MVPs, another one or two regular season MVPs, possibly a defensive player of the year trophy, and continued consistent production will get LeBron into the top 3.

Again... all-time rank is a career, overall legacy, accomplishments list. If this was a list just going on basketball skill, LeBron is arguably the best basketball player ever.

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