Miami Heat's Summer League Top Prospects!

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The NBA always stays busy in the summer with blockbuster free-agent signings and trades, the NBA draft, and the NBA summer league. Though the Miami Heat hasn't signed a free agent so far this summer, they did trade for James Ennis, the 50th pick in the NBA draft. James Ennis is an athletic 6'7 guard with a tremendous upside on defense thanks to his athletic ability. With Shane Battier nearing the end of his career, this is the perfect opportunity for Ennis to shine.

The Miami Heat have a 25 man roster for the summer league and I'm here to tell you who to look out for, so without further a due here's the top prospects to keep an eye on:

  • Damion James: James is a first round draft pick and a the all-time leading rebounder for the Big 12. James has a 37-inch vertical and a 7-foot wingspan and is capable of guarding every position, similar to a James we all know and love. He has great hands and plays with a very high motor.

  • D.J Stephens: Stephens has the highest vertical ever recorded by the NBA with 46 inches. Stephens is so raw but his athletic ability makes him a great finisher, rebounder, defender, and competitor.

  • Ricky Sanchez: Sanchez is the Puerto Rican Andrea Bargnani. Sanchez is a phenomenal 3-point shooter for a seven footer, but his athleticism is weak and his ability to rebound is also weak. He loves to hover around the 3-point line and drain his shots 46% (D-League Stat) of the time, and he can run the break well and finish with a lay-up. He can handle the ball, but what he needs to work on his actually playing like a 7-footer because 2 rebounds and less than a block a game (per 20 minutes) is atrocious.

  • Jackie Carmichael: Carmichael is one of my favorite players that the Heat picked up for the summer league. Carmichael is an excellent rebounder, good finisher in the post, good defender with a 7-foot wingspan, a good athlete, and has great work ethic. He deserved to get drafted, and he will prove to us that he is worth a roster spot.

  • D.J Kennedy: D.J played for the Rio Grande Vipers and lead his team to the championship game. He is a 6'6 small forward who rebounds with the best of them. He is versatile and has flashes of brilliance with his powerful takes to the rim and finishing his free-throws. In the playoffs he averaged 21 points, 9 rebounds, and 6 assists per game.

  • Myck Kabongo: Myck is similar to Kemba Walker but isn't as fluid. He is a strong point guard like Will Bynum, but needs to show confidence when he plays. Myck won't be getting picked up by the Heat since we have our point guards, but he will help us out a lot in the summer league.

  • Jarvis Varnado: Varnardo holds the NCAA record for blocked shots. He has great ability to block shots, he is athletic, he can shoot a 19-foot jumper and his lay-ups. What he needs to do is get bigger in the gym, put some weight on and not get pushed around by thicker, more developed NBA players. He will be our main player this summer league, for he has championship experience.

  • James Ennis: Ennis looks like Kevin Durant and has a style of game similar to LeBron James. Being 6'7 with a 7'0 wingspan he can guard most positions and his athleticism gives him a motor not many draft prospects could match.He can shoot a 3-pointer very well, and make his free throws. He does need to get bigger and turnover the ball less, but with Shane Battier nearing the end of his career Ennis can make a huge leap and fill that spot within the year. He will provide most of the highlights this summer, guaranteed.

  • Scotty Hopson: Man, I like Scotty's game. His game is very smooth, he has a great jumpshot and athletic ability. He can score from anywhere on the court and the Heat should really keep an eye on him, James Ennis has huge competition this summer league.

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