In Pat We Trust -- An Article Dedicated to Pat Riley

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"You can never have enough talent" - Pat Riley

Pat said that quote in 1994, he wasn't kidding with what he has accomplished in his hall of fame career. The moment our Miami Heat won game 6 in the 2013 NBA Finals, I immediately thought about how much of a genius Pat Riley is. Miami Heat president Pat Riley pulled all the necessary strings to build what is now a dynasty for years to come.

As a Heat fan 2007 was devastating. A year after winning the championship, I saved up and went to opening night against the Chicago Bulls. After the Heat accepted their rings, Alonzo Mourning promised us "We'll bring another one this year". The game started and ended quickly as we lost by 40 points. That was an epic foreshadowing of what the Heat became. That year we were bounced out in the playoffs by those same Bulls being the first team since 1957 to be swept after winning a championship. through the years of 2007-2010, Pat Riley stepped down as coach for Erik Spoelstra and became Heat President, Dwyane Wade tore his shoulder thanks to Shane Battier, he came back and won scoring championship, also we drafted Mario Chalmers and traded our second overall pick Michael Beasley to create cap space preluding what would be the greatest free agent signing in NBA history.

In the summer of 2010, Pat Riley demonstrated to the world what it takes to become a dynasty. Pat waited around for 3 years, creating a team capable of signing not 1, not 2, but 3 perennial superstars in Chris Bosh, LeBron James, and hometown hero Dwyane Wade. That team immediately made it to the NBA Finals and lost to the Dallas Mavericks. The next year we won our second championship because of the team that Pat Riley tweaked a bit. Pat Riley signed Shane Battier and traded for rookie Norris Cole. All of these pieces were key to winning the NBA championship that year as Shane was our starting power forward and Norris was our backup point guard.

The next year Pat Riley signed 38 year old veteran Ray Allen to be our 6th man and Chris "Birdman" Anderson to be our backup center and boy oh boy were those amazing moves by Pat Riley. on the Miami Heat's way to winning 27 games in a row, Ray hit plenty of dagger 3-pointers and Birdman sparked an energy in the Heat so powerful that the everyone watching the games gave most of the credit to Birdman's energy. After winning the eastern conference championship, the Miami Heat made it to the NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs and in game 6 down 3 games to 2, Ray Allen hit a 3 pointer that solidified the genius hall of fame decision making Pat Riley is entitled to. We were down by 3 with 20 seconds left when LeBron missed a 3-pointer and Chris Bosh grabbed a rare offense rebound and dished it out to Ray Allen who stepped back and nailed a 3 pointer with 5 seconds left in the game. We would go on to win in overtime and the rest is history.

miami-heat-nightclub-party-lebron-dwade -- In Pat We Trust.

This is a fan-created post on The opinions here are not necessarily those shared by the editorial staff at Hot Hot Hoops.

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