HHH GameTime Preview: HEAT seek consistent effort versus Trail Blazers

Miami looks to redeem themselves after a dreadful loss to the Pelicans with a win over Portland at the AA Arena.

Frustration has taken over Miami in recent weeks, as they've suffered many losses in games which they should have easily dominated.

Coming off a loss to the Pelicans Saturday night, Heat enthusiasts witnessed emotional reactions that have never existed throughout the Big Three Era. This marked Miami's seventh loss in eleven games. With a team used to having such amazing chemistry, its dissipation is both obvious and uncharacteristically worrisome for the defending champions whose chance at the number one seed in the East has all but vanished.

Coach Erik Spoelstra elaborated on the emotions our Miami Heat are enduring during this slump, explaining:

"Our locker room is angry, we're not accustomed to this type of standards, particularly on the defensive end, and if we want to change we have to look inward"

I think we all can agree at this moment in time Miami doesn't look ready for the post-season let alone another championship run. They are shooting terribly from behind the arc, and have seem to have lost all proficiency on the defensive end. Nevertheless, as we approach the end of the regular season, Miami has several opportunities to build their confidence and head into the playoffs with a full head of steam or as Chris Bosh said in post game comments:

"We will be watching the championship from home."

Tonight in Miami, The Heat are set to battle the Portland Trail Blazers who like the Heat are slumping on the defensive end without LaMarcus Aldridge. Aldridge's absence leaves room for Miami to capitalize in the paint, and the fact that Portland is giving up 100+ points since Aldridge's injury could suggest a win for Miami. They just got blown out by 30 points against the Charlotte Bobcats 124-94. Nevertheless, it's hard to underestimate the Blazers who led by Damian Lillard have been spectacular this season.

This is a much-needed win for Miami, for team reasons. A team who feeds off chemistry cannot be lacking confidence in one another at this in the season. The Blazers are not to be taken lightly, and thus may allow Miami to enter a strong frame of mind coming into this one. There is plenty of time for Miami to mend themselves before the post-season, but it would be better if it happened sooner than later.

On paper the Heat are still the best team in the league, but they need to return to translating their strengths onto the hardwood.

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