Building a more complete Miami HEAT team

Mike Ehrmann

If there is one thing Miami Heat fans have to get used to, it is this: Chris Bosh is The Guy now. It is going to be an adjustment, but I believe he is certainly capable. Bosh proved as much in his Toronto Raptors days and though he might not be as athletic as his 25 year old self, there is no doubt he is a better player. Now that Bosh will be the primary option, we have to build the team to best suit him.

With that in mind, below is a few players I would love to see the Heat target at this stage in Free Agency:

Emeka Okafor - As I just said, we have to now put Bosh in the best position to succeed. That means he cannot be a Center anymore. Bosh should transition back to his more traditional PF position, if not for the whole game then at least for large stretches. Unfortunately, we do not have an answer to the Center position on the roster. In comes Okafor, known for his defense, rebounding, and shot blocking (sound like a need?).

Sure, he is coming off of an injury, but that is also the only reason we have a realistic shot at getting him. Even if he can only give us a sold 18 minutes per night, that combined with Birdman's 18 minutes would give us a quality Center rotation next to Bosh (with him pitching in at times). A rotation such as this one prevents Bosh from having to bang inside with bigger/traditional Centers the entire game, enabling him to focus more on the offensive side of the ball. It goes without saying that this move would only be made if the medical team is comfortable with Okafor.

Jameer Nelson - One of my major concerns with LeBron James leaving is who will create easy buckets for teammates? Wade is capable for stretches but we don't always know how (or if) he will be able to perform. Also, Chalmers, over his time in Miami, has not proven to be the type of PG who sets up teammates for easy buckets. Jameer Nelson will help in this regard. Though I know Chalmers would most likely start even with the addition of Nelson, I love this move when I think what it will do to the 2nd unit. Having two playmakers such as Nelson and Josh McRoberts on that 2nd unit will take the pressure off being forced to play Wade and Bosh big minutes.

I realize this move would create a logjam at the PG position, I counter that by trading Cole. Though I like Cole, IMO he has reached his ceiling and will never be starting caliber, if we can trade him for another wing player (depth for games Wade misses) or even a future 1st rounder, I think we have done well. Besides, I believe Shabazz Napier will turn out to be a better player than Cole, maybe not this season, but certainly into the future. However, we are pretty much going all in, trying to squeeze the last few years out of Wade, so I do not believe Napier will be thrust into a starting role. IMO, this is primarily a redshirt year for him.

Michael Beasley - Defensively, the team that Riley has already assembled will be very, very solid; it is the offensive end that worries me. Say what you want about Beasley, but he has never had a problem scoring buckets. Offensively, you could do a lot worse than running a small ball line up of Chalmers, Wade, Deng, Beasley, and Bosh for short stretches of the game; just when we need an offensive jumpstart. If he could be brought back at the minimum, I believe Beasley would have a shot of having a greater impact on the team this season.

Aaron Brooks - This is an offensive minded move similar to the Beasley one (and an alternative to Nelson). Name all the Miami perimeter players who can consistently create their own shot. Just Wade right? Brooks could play a Nate Robinson type move off the bench.

Thoughts? Any other player you'd like Miami to target?

This is a fan-created post on The opinions here are not necessarily those shared by the editorial staff at Hot Hot Hoops.

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