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Riley's plan stays the same


With a wide-open East leading up to the next free agent countdown to 2016, Pat Riley and the Miami Heat have reloaded and are capable of doing damage in the postseason.

Catch Dwyane Wade tonight on Disney XD hit show Austin and Ally


Dwyane Wade will make a guest appearance tonight on Disney XD's hit show Austin & Ally. Wade will play himself in the show and should provide moments of super stardom for all the teen characters. The episode will air tonight at 8pm ET/PT. Image via Dwyane Wade's Instagram.

For a sneak peak at the episode, check out this clip.

Chalmers back with Heat for 2 more years


Mario Chalmers tweets out that he's returning to the Heat for another two years, setting up a formidable starting five.

Meet Luol Deng


The newly-acquired forward has lived a life that has taken him from war-torn Africa to the highest levels of professional basketball.

Deng signs with Heat


Miami Heat president Pat Riley lands free agent All-Star small forward Luol Deng to round out a solid starting 5.

Report: Birdman expected back with HEAT


While Miami Heat and Luol Deng continue to crunch numbers, Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Birdman is indeed expected to return.

Coming to terms with "The Departure"


Although shocking and ultimately disappointing, Heat fans must accept LeBron's departure and embrace a new era in Miami Heat basketball.

Ray Allen breaks down social media etiquette with orange juice


Ray Allen took to social media (something that is becoming popular these days) to vent a little on the pressures of being an athlete with more than jus "meaningless" things to share. Allen writes: "I post a picture about orange juice and all you guys care about is to talk about basketball. There is more to life. Don't be one track minded people. People comment that athletes only post about meaningless things but when we do Noone or even has anything good to add. Don't just use social media to talk trash or to argue with people. Use it to grow and learn. When I decide what to do it will be what is best for my family and no one else. I appreciate all of your concerns." It's been rumored heavily that Ray Allen is very interested in playing along LeBron James and will follow him to Cleveland if it all comes together nicely. So should we expect our Ray Ray to leave his sweet accommodations in Miami and face the harsh climate of Cleveland or will he simply retire? We'll soon find out...hopefully minus the orange juice.

Report: 'Strong possibility' Heat sign Deng


The Heat are offering Deng a two-year deal that would pay the small forward $10 million per year.

Report: Heat, Chalmers working on a deal


The AP's Tim Reynolds reported that the Heat and Mario Chalmers are working on a deal to bring the point guard back to Miami.

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