PHOTO: Possible Alternate Jersey for Heat


Leaked on the internet, Darren Rovell of ESPN is reporting that these are the Miami Christmas Day jersey, and the front "replaces name with logo only".

Dwyane Wade posts before and after pics during offseason diet


Dwyane Wade took to Instagram Sunday evening to show off his body. A before and after shot of his progress with the caption "Setting goals for myself... Started this a month ago. To the left is before.. To the right is now.. #tryingtogetsexy #thisdietiskickingmybutt" is on display for all of Heat Nation. There's no doubt that Wade is under the spotlight now that he's claimed his team once again. A workout this intense is certainly a good start. With a pending wedding as well, Wade has his hands full in the looking his best department.

We Are All Hypocrites - One fan's take on LeBron's decision to go back to Cleveland


This post by a passionate Miami Heat fan written last week has a very interesting take on the decision of LeBron James to go "home" and play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. What is the relationship between athlete and fan? "Yes, LeBron’s being here brought me joy as he led my favorite NBA team to the NBA Finals four consecutive years; but to say that I should be grateful to him suggests that Lebron gave me a gift. It would suggest that I owe him something but just like he doesn’t owe me anything, I owe him nothing as well. This is not bitterness, but more so a realistic perspective. Miami gave to LeBron just as much as he gave to us. It was a transaction..."

Ray Allen celebrates birthday in Beijing


Ray Allen celebrated his 39th birthday in Beijing. He writes on his Instagram picture: "July 20 th 1975 my mom brought me into this world. Thank you mom. It's been a great 39 years so far. Looking forward to the many adventures life has to offer( no fried bees though),and the many people that have come into my life. #CARPEDIEM". Still no word on what the veteran player will do come next season. He's hinted that he's considered retiring, but many have suggested that he would follow LeBron James at an attempt to win just one more championship. Either way, we love Allen and wish him a very Happy Birthday!

Luol Deng jerseys are now available at the Miami Heat store


Get your hands on a Luol Deng jersey today! Jerseys for Deng are available at Show your support for all HEAT players and the newest member of the team, #9 Deng! Image via the Miami Heat Store Instagram.

Miami Int'l Airport thanks Dwyane Wade for staying


The city of Miami has clearly changed moods. From the shock and upset of LeBron James deciding to return home, HEAT Nation has switched over to supporting and giving thanks to our number one guy....Dwyane Wade. If you're not excited for what's to come from the HEAT, then drive through MIA a few times and remind yourself of the loyalty that is strong in this organization, and within Miami-Wade County. Image via the Twitter account of the Miami International Airport.

Luol Deng signs his new Miami Heat contract


Luol Deng makes joining the Miami Heat official Tuesday afternoon by sharing a photo via Instagram. Deng writes: "It's official. I'm really looking forward to this new chapter with a special organization. I'm excited to have an opportunity to play here and contribute to the culture of success. Thank you to all the fans that have supported me and the new ones welcoming me to Miami." Heat Nation have welcomed the newest acquisition with open arms and the signing marks yet another important signing for Pat Riley. Image via Luol Deng's Instagram.

Dwyane Wade makes it official: "My Home, My City, My House"


Dwyane Wade making it crystal clear that Miami is his home and his city. He writes: "Home Is Where The Heart Is... My Home,My City,My House..#HeatLifer" Enough said! Image via Dwyane Wade's Instagram

Happy 23rd Birthday to Shabazz Napier


Hot Hot Hoops would like to wish the Miami HEAT's Shabazz Napier a happy birthday. Shabazz turns 23 today, remember he played all four years at UConn, and is working hard in Las Vegas representing the Miami Heat in Summer League. While he struggled with his shot in the first tournament in Orlando last week, he's already showing improvement and looks to be an important part of the Heat's growing youth movement. Photo via the Miami HEAT.

PHOTOS: What if every NBA player went "home" like LeBron James?


Here's a visual representation of the best starting units NBA teams could field if every star went to their home area. The Heat put together Tim Hardaway Jr., Brandon Knight, Trevor Ariza, Udonis Haslem and Larry Sanders. Check it out.


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