Greg Oden pulls a Focker, hits girl in face with volleyball spike


After a season where he may not have had a large role with the Miami Heat but was still able to return to NBA action, Greg Oden got together with some friends in the offseason for a nice round of volleyball. Things presumably went well, until Oden went for a casual spike right on a girl's face, though she's lucky that he didn't go full force with his power and seems to be okay. And hey, at least Oden is successfully jumping around during the summer. That counts for something. The big man signed with the Heat last August on a two-year deal with a player option for next season at approximately $1.14 million. (H/T to The Big Lead)

LeBron James works out with Norris Cole


While all the national media is speculating what the Big 3 will do come July 1st, LeBron James keeps himself in shape working out in the offseason with Norris Cole - the only Miami HEAT player under contract as of right now. Photo via Dzander Training

Ray Allen welcomes Shabazz Napier to Miami


Ray Allen has taken to social media to welcome the HEAT's newest NBA Draft acquisition, Shabazz Napier, to Miami. More specifically "Bienvinido a Miami". Is it too soon to assume things are looking pretty good for the HEAT? Via Ray Allen's Instagram.

Shabazz Napier 2014 Draft Combine Interview


A month before eventually being traded to the Miami Heat, UConn Huskies point guard Shabazz Napier talked with Draft Express about preparing for the 2014 NBA Draft.

Dwyane Wade drops hint of the future with LeBron, Ray Allen in latest Instagram pic


Dwyane Wade is apparently starting a new diet and he wants everyone to know about "Day 1 of the new challenge". If that wasn't enough, he made sure to raise some eyebrows by tagging (current?) teammates LeBron James and Ray Allen in it. Are they starting a new dieting challenge together or is this a clear sign of bigger things to come?

LeBron, Wade and Bosh meeting right now in South Beach?


Hey sports fans, overanalyze this: Wade, James, Bosh are together right now at Soho Beach House. @thebiglead @wolfeswines @btannebaum— Lesley Abravanel (@lesleyabravanel) June 25, 2014

Could the Big 3 of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh already be working on their return to the Miami Heat? Local writer Lesley Abravanel appears to have the scoop from her sources that they are at a local restaurant and that "Miami Heat's star trio asked for high security, no visitors and salads. Were seen "relaxed" and "laughing"". Heat Nation should be hopeful that it's indeed the case as there's a lot to talk about between the three stars. We'll have more as it develops if it indeed is true.

Could LeBron James play in the 90s?


The 3 Point Conversion Present "Making The Cut" debates if Lebron James could be great in the 90s "barbershop" style

LeBron James: Is Today's Era Helping Or Tainting His Legacy


The 3 Point Conversion Presents "Making The Cut" Show breaks down how the league today is affecting his legacy "barbershop style"

Dwyane Wade catches a Miami Marlins game


Taking a much needed break, Dwyane Wade was spotted at Wednesday afternoon's Miami Marlins game sitting alongside team owner Jeffrey Loria. The joys of the offseason are in full effect for Wade.

A message from Dwyane Wade to his teammates and Heat Nation


After Sunday night's disappointing loss to the Spurs, Dwyane Wade shared an Instagram photo and message sharing words of encouragement and pride for his team. He writes "Win or lose... These are my brothers... Plus 12 others that's not pictures here. We win together as champions and lose together as champions. #HeadsHigh". We hope this message confirms that the Big 3 will continue to win more championships together here in Miami. What do you think HeatNation?

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