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Giants CEO Larry Baer Speaks

Ever wondered what Giants CEO Larry Baer does all day besides signing off on Sabean's roster moves?

Bonds on TV show in September

This is kinda weird. "Barry Bonds will try to rehabilitate his tarnished image by confronting a fan who hates him on the upcoming reality show "H8R." On the show, the MLB home-run king will watch a tape of one of his biggest detractors chewing him out, and then confront his "H8R" -- who won’t know the slugger has been watching him -- face-to-face. It’ll be up to Bonds to convince the guy that he isn’t so bad, after all."

The Great American Witch-hunt

Dave Zirin on the Bonds verdict. I know we're all tired of the subject, but it's a good bigger-picture article.

The Barry Bonds Conundrum

Should Barry Bonds be elected to baseball's Hall of Fame? The answer here: no.

"the steroid era is the most discredited period in the history of American professional sports" - says espn writer with zero sense of historical perspective

i'm sure there are many intelligent, well reasoning baseball fans that find steroids a bigger deal than me, but does anyone else actually believe this? "There is not another American sport where so many of the elite have been disgraced. Nothing comes close to this. Not Pete Rose, not the Black Sox, not baseball's drug trials of the 1980s, not the college basketball scandals of the 1950s." Throwing a world series is one thing, but giving round about answers in front of a grand jury that eventually do get answered directly is a sign of the MLB apocolypse. um, what? more on the verdict from Criag Calcaterra

Hilarious SF Giants song and music video!!! Watch "Champions"

Official 2011 San Francisco Giants Song—"Champions"

Hilarious SF Giants song and music video!!! Watch "Champions"

Giants Finish Season With 103 Wins. This Time It Means Something

The San Francisco Giants win 103 games in the 2010 season, extinguishing the heartbreak of the 1993 National League West pennant race, where Barry Bonds and the Giants won 103 games but failed to make the playoffs.

Today in Sports History: September 5th

9/05/1791 - Town draws up baseball lawsOn a Monday afternoon in 1791, the town of Pittsfield, Massachusetts voted to ban the game of baseball and other activities that had disturbed many of the...

Today in Sports History: May 28th

(Mackowiak, still wearing the hospital bracelet. Photo by Peter Diana, Post-Gazette) 5/28/1998 - Bonds walked with bases full With two outs and the bases loaded in bottom of the ninth inning,...

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