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Chris Paul's Charity Game

Live stream of Chris Paul's charity game.

LeBron James and D. Wade Season Highlights

These are articles about and links to a LeBron James highlight reel and a Dwyane Wade highlight reel. One could win an Oscar for best highlight reel production. You may think both could.

Pat Riley: "It was a great year.... Obviously a disappointing ending."

Pat Riley reflects upon the Heat's 2010-11 season. If there were any questions of whether or not the Hall of Famer, Pat Riley, will return to the sidelines, Pat Riley says he will not return to coaching and that the Big 3 comprised of Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh will stay intact. He also addresses other questions, rumors, and concerns.

Jordan Brand - Fly Wade

The man who has graced the covers of numerous fashion/sports/lifestyle/health magazines(GQ, Slam, Uptown, Men's Health, just to name a few), Dwyane Wade alongside with Jordan Brand's Creative Director, Mark Smith, officially introduced his first Jordan Brand signature shoes, Fly Wade, that he will sport during the NBA 2010-11 season playoffs. To date it is Jordan Brand's lightest shoe at weighing 13 oz. With Wade's style of play, he will greatly benefit from the shoe's structure. "I want it (Jordan Fly Wade) to be something that transcends away from the basketball court that kids and other people can wear with jeans. I think this shoe not only has all the things I need to play basketball, but it has the initial look that can make it a very great product on and off the court." – Dwyane Wade Click here for the video of Dwyane Wade and Mark Smith discussing "Fly Wade" (via tzvitzvi) Don't forget to check out the full article by Tzvi Twersky on SLAM Online (linked also in title).

Behind the scenes of the Heat & Cavs dual stay in LA

Video and photos of the Heat and Cavs extended stay in LA. Includes all the buzz around the Heat hotel, compared to the lack of activity at the Cavs hotel.

Both Dwyane Wade and Coach Erik Spoelstra grab another accolade to add to their trophy case

Coach Erik Spoelstra earned the Eastern Conference Coach of the Month award, for the month of December. Dwyane Wade for the second time, was named the Eastern Conference player of the week in December. Is Dwyane Waded well on his way to win the Player of the Month award? UPDATE: Both Dwyane Wade and LeBron James were crowned Eastern Conference Players of the Month for th month of December. Kevin Durant was crowned for the Western Conference. http://www.nba.com/2011/news/01/03/playerofthemonth/index.html?ls=iref:nbahpt2

LeBron James’ difficult path back to popularity

Story chronicling the unparalleled drop in popularity of LeBron James and the challenges involved with rebuilding his reputation, as compared to similar obstacles encountered by Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant and Alex Rodriguez.

Isiah (Thomas) ‘Strongly Disagrees’ With Jordan, Magic on LeBron Criticism

"While still disappointed that James didn’t choose to play for the Knicks, Thomas says he doesn’t agree with his fellow legends about LeBron’s decision. From the NY Post: "Thomas added Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan were wrong to condemn LeBron for joining forces with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. ‘I strongly disagree with their comments,’ Thomas said. ‘[Magic] had a great team. They said they wouldn’t have left but look who they were playing with. Those teams were stacked."

King James has demoted himself to Prince James

Detailed article discussing the off and on the court ramifications of LeBron James’ decision to leave Cleveland for Miami, while strangely making the announcement right outside of New York City. Included is some rare video of James from his days in Cleveland.

Footage of D-Wade fixing Coach Jordan's tie.

I missed this live and didn't see it on any highlights that night. It's super funny, but I think it was a bit much from Mr. Wade. You guys' thoughts?

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