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A More Perfect Union: The True Fans Constitution

I am proposing the following draft of a Constitution of Fandom. This is but a rough draft. Give it a gander and tell me what you think.

The LBC Fashion Project: Parte Dos


The other LBC writers get their sewing machines out and stitch together the next hockey fashion sensation.

The Miami HEAT's Best Moment of 2013 - in Portland


The last time the Miami HEAT played in Portland, they had one of their best moments of 2013 - but fans may not have seen it. It was behind the scenes.


I am Little Red (and White) Riding Hood

Supporting Sunderland is like living in a fairy-tale. Before you interject and say: "Who is this clown? He must be a lunatic, let’s bottle him", let me elaborate. I don’t mean fairy-tales in the...

Ravens fan runs on Soldier Field during weather delay


Post by Matt Marquardt.

What would you do during a serious weather delay? Well, this Ravens fan decided to run onto Solider Field while both teams were in the locker room. In case there was any doubt, this guy was apprehended by security. According to Matt Marquardt, the person who took the video and posted it to his Facebook page, this Ravens fan was talked into this stunt.

Ready for the next UM tailgate?


If you're a fan of the []_[], you need to check out KOLYR! UM b-school students are launching a new line of unisex, university-inspired footwear. We wouldn't be caught dead at a tailgate without a pair. Check them out at: www.KOLYR.com

Orton's attack (work or shoot) jeopardizes safety

Was it a work? Or a shoot? Doesn't matter. The fact that a fan attacked Randy Orton during a WWE show -- and got noticed for it -- jeopardizes the future safety of talent, who may walk away a...


An open letter to the Front Office regarding Tarell Brown.

To: CEO Jed York CC: GM Trent Baalke, CFO Cipora Herman, COO Paarag Marathe, and the San Francisco 49ers Front Office. I am a 49er fan, whatever you may take that to mean, and I have...

Slapstick Saturday presents: Latino Feet

An "overzealous fan" pushes Eddie Guerrero off the ladder during his Intercontinental Championship bout against Rob Van Dam during Monday Night RAW, which took place back on May 27, 2002, in...

Slapstick Saturday: Runt ref freezes flaky fan

Brian Hildebrand -- aka Referee Mark Curtis -- stood 5'6" and weighed a buck-fifty soaking wet. But he had moves. Like, serious moves, as one dopey fan discovered on WCW Monday Nitro.

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