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HEADS UP: CRN & JetSki @ Pac-12 Media Day TOMORROW


Rick Neuheisel and running back Johnathan Franklin are slated for 11:30 a.m. You can watch at Pac-12's video website UPDATE (BN): We will have an open thread on the frontpage. Then on July 28, the coaches and the commissioner will be in New York City and Bristol, Conn.

Wildcats Gain Ground in Purple-White Scrimmage


The Kansas State volleyball team held its annual Purple-White Scrimmage on Saturday night in conjunction with Media Day, and head coach Suzie Fritz was happy with what she saw on the floor. "We spent this week working on our first swing offense, and I think we did a good job of improving that," Fritz said. "We need to get our hitters in the mindset of getting sideouts, and that’s what focusing on and improving our first swing efficiency will do."

That's Lobstertainment


On Wednesday ESPN's Brian Bennett posted a list of attendees to next week's Big East media day. Sean Keeley wastes no time in laying down early odds on the favorite to eat the most lobsters at the conference banquet. I have to say, what ever happened to showing faith in the little guy? Brian Leonard set the record several years back by downing nine of the nasty suckers. Does anyone really think any of these johnny-come-latelys can hold a candle to Brian? Didn't think so. Keep that in mind before blowing your hard earned pesos wagering on some overweight lineman. Nobody's going to set any records, anyway. The Big East is super cheap and they'll just run out of lobsters again.

Colts Media Day Videos


NFL.com has 13 different interview cameras for viewing, archived for your enjoyment. It looks like they've cut out the beginning section of dead air, so it starts right up.

Game On: It's "Media Day" this Friday the 25th

[From the fanshots. Just a reminder that coverage will surge once more very soon. Though BaB was not invited to media day, so I'll have to throw tomatoes at the computer monitor -ed.] In preparation for the 2009-10 NBA season, the Chicago Bulls will start training camp on Friday, Sept. 25 with their annual Media Day at the Sheri L. Berto Center in Deerfield, Ill. Bulls coaches, players and General Manager Gar Forman will be available to the media for interviews and photos. Chicago’s first practice will get underway on Saturday, Sept. 26 with a two-a-day practice session set for 10:00 A.M., and again at 4:30 P.M. The two-a-day practice sessions will continue through Wednesday, Sept. 30.

Media Day Pictures


Check out the Globe's media day pics. I get a kick out of all of these because they're inherently goofy. Fog, staring off into space , it's all there. You don't see that too much nowadays. Also, I enjoyed KG's cue card because his name, the part he knows the best, is highlighted above all else. It's the little things.

Gilbert Ducks Out of Media Day


All hands on deck.....except for Gil. [UPDATE]: More from the Sports Bog..... "If healthy, we're the best team in the Eastern Conference. That's how I feel. Hands down, we're the best team in the Eastern Conference if healthy." -Caron Butler Perhaps this year's slogan should have been just a giant "IF" on a billboard.

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