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Comeback Day: Heat's dramatic 06 Finals Game 3 win

With their backs against the wall, the Miami Heat made a furious comeback in a must-win Game 3 victory against the Dallas Mavericks in the 2006 NBA Finals. Is this the greatest comeback in Heat history?

Do the Heat belong on the list of 'Larger Than Life' NBA teams?

What makes a great championship team become a Larger Than Life team and join the ranks of the greatest teams of all time? After two seasons together reaching the NBA Finals, the Miami Heat are...

Spectacular Heat Championship Parade culminates in celebration rally inside AAA

The Miami Heat's NBA Championship Parade brought the city and its residents plenty to cheer about. More than 400,000 fans descended into the downtown area to see the Heat come together to celebrate the franchise's second NBA Championship.

Miami Heat celebrate NBA Championship with huge cake fit for a king

Divine Delicacies, a family-owned local business created NBA Championship Trophy replica cakes for the Miami Heat following their NBA Finals victory. Several large, elaborate cakes were made for the weekend festivities.

Hot Hot Hoops Podcast: Miami Heat 2012 NBA Championship Edition

We celebrate the Miami Heat and the 2012 NBA Championship with a special Hot Hot Hoops Podcast that takes a look back at the NBA Finals series against the OKC Thunder as well the Heat's unstoppable playoff run.Staff writers Diego Quezada, Mnelik Belilgne and Surya Fernandez discuss a wide range of topics covering the championship.

Schedule, info, official map released for the Miami Heat 2012 NBA Championship Parade and Celebration

The Miami Heat have officially released the details for their NBA Championship parade and the rally celebration inside the AmericanAirlines Arena on Monday, June 25th beginning at 11:00 AM. Additionally, the official parade map was released.

Miami Heat offer fans limited tickets to the Championship Celebration inside AAA

The Miami Heat have announced they will be giving away free tickets for a private Championship Celebration featuring all of the players, coaches, Riley, and Micky Arison from within the American Airlines Arena. The tickets are on a first-come serve basis in limited supplies on Ticketmaster.

Roundtable: A look back at the NBA Finals so far

The writing crew get together to discuss what's happened so far in the NBA Finals and whether the OKC Thunder have a shot at winning the title if they come back in Game 5.

Reactions from AAA after the unforgettable Game 4 Heat victory

After Game 4 of the NBA Finals at the American Airlines Arena, there was plenty to discuss. Mario Chalmers, Kevin Durant, Chris Bosh and others give their thoughts on the game.

Roundtable discussion: Can the Thunder adjust to the Heat's schemes?

It's time for another roundtable from our writing staff as we enter the midway portion of the NBA Finals series against the Miami Heat and the OKC Thunder.

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