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JT's Hoops Blog's 2012/2013 NBA Worst to First Previews and Predictions: 21. Atlanta Hawks


Another era of hum-drum regular season showings follow by swift playoff exits is over as the Atlanta Hawks prepare once again for a long road of rebuilding ahead. Gone is Joe Johnson, the player who has been credited for Atlanta’s return to respectability, yet at the same time, given the brunt of the blame for the Hawks’ current stagnation. His six year 120$ million contract extension may have kept Atlanta in the playoffs, but the lack of cap flexibility caused by such a big deal would have handicapped the team for years to come. It was obvious from reviewing their last two seasons that the Hawks had soared as high as they were ever going to go and they were heading for a devastating crash landing. Something had to be done to curb the rising upcoming tidal wave that would sweep the Atlanta Hawks away—fortunately for the Hawks they know have the fiscal flexibility to weather the storm.

Blazersedge Game Preview: Mavericks at Trail Blazers


Also take a look at this week's NBA Power Rankings from SBNation.com. The Mavs are slipping...

My own A&M vs. OU preview


My new A&M blog looks at the matchup this weekend between the Ags and Sooners. Feel free to comment.

Onion Sports 2010 NFL Preview


Something that is actually really funny is the team previews on the Onion. Here is the preview for the Eagles: * Strength: Though they have lost Donovan McNabb's rocket arm, they have gained a highly accurate short-range subsonic cruise missile of an arm in Kevin Kolb * Weakness: With the loss of Brian Westbrook, the Eagles have a major hole at starting knee injury and concussion * Player To Watch: Michael Vick's athleticism as he walks up and down the sideline, sits down on a bench, and jumps up whenever he thinks his name is called but realizes the coaches are talking to another Michael, is something to marvel at * Biggest Question: When will Philadelphia fans finally use their car-battery catapult? Some of my favorites: Redskins: Weakness: Receivers, running backs, offensive line, and defense, but, um, this is the year the Redskins really turn it around Cowboys: Intangibles: Fuck the Dallas Cowboys and every fucking thing they stand for; special teams Seahawks: Strength: Reports from coach's office indicate Pete Carroll is a complete football genius Bears: Weakness: Lovie Smith spending majority of practice having players help him pack up his office

Preview: Marshall


Preview of Marshall by Inside The Shoe.

Pre-Snap Read with great Utah preview


Probably one of the best previews out there yet of Utah.

Utah preview from College Football Zealots


I did a quick Q&A with 'em as well. Inchin' closer to the Pitt game!

Cheat's White Sox Preview for SB*N


Not exactly written for you guys, but I figured I should post it... Check out U-God's Royals preview below

SLAM Online Spurs Preview

"If healthy, they’ll be right there with the Lakers as one of the teams to represent the West in the Finals."
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