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The Livingston Chronicles, Part Whatever

Miami's interest in Shaun Livingston has been upgraded from indecipherable to "hopeful." The Heat is now, according to the Sun-Sentinel, "expected to clear space for him." That could be accomplished by cutting any number of non-contributing members of the roster, such as injured/undrafted point guard Jason Richards, or finally making that Shawn Marion trade that still should totally happen.

However, it now seems Miami is actively trying to sign Livingston 2.0. Coach Erik Spoelstra and exec Chet Kammerer watched a recent Livingston workout and found that he was ambulatory, which would be an upgrade from last year's Penny Hardaway experiment. "They were impressed to see he could run and move up and down the court," Pat Riley said. That is an impressive feat for a professional athlete.

So Livingston is your newest Miami Heat point guard?

Not so fast, says barrel-chested monkey wrench and Wolves GM Kevin McHale. The Wolves see Livingston's lean toward Miami, and raise him a demure glance from across a crowded gymnasium. Are we signing a point guard or asking a chick to dance at the sock hop? I'll be over at the punch bowl, hoping it's spiked.