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Miami Heat Items, 10/13: Yi Too, Dwyane?

Dwayne Wade Slam Vs. New Jersey in London 10/12/08 (via zoo00mer)

Oh my damn.

Despite the wholesome goodness of the play above, the Heat lost its third preseason game in as many tries Sunday in London, 94-92 to the Nets. That's two two-point losses to the Nets on this little Euro swing. I generally don't care about preseason scores, but I hate losing close games. Just gets on my nerves, is all.

The Herald takes a measured approach to the situation, saying the games have revealed all the strengths and weaknesses we already knew about this team.

Ira Winderman, meanwhile, offers his own detailed take over at the Sun-Sentinel, noting that Udonis Haslem didn't look completely over his head at center.

Center Jamaal Magloire is out 6-8 weeks. Upside and Motor considers the injury a gift from "the basketball gods," and I'm starting to agree. Magloire has had no impact on any of the preseason games he's played in, while the younger David Padgett has made good things happen. With Magloire's partially-guaranteed deal, there's no reason not to cut him loose once he's recovered. (My understanding is that you can't release an injured player without guaranteeing his full contract.)

Speaking of Padgett, I'm thinking of carving his initials next to Joel Anthony's on that special tree in my backyard. I really like this dude, and I'd like to see him get a regular-season look.

via www.kusports.comPadgett_medium

By the way, I can't quite place who it is that Padgett reminds me of. I thought it was Jon Koncak at first, but it's not, since Koncak looks exactly like Will Ferrell.

Chris Perkins of the Post frets that the recent rash of injuries has exposed the Heat's lack of depth. I respectfully disagree. I think the Heat's problem is too much depth - meaning too many decent players who deserve some minutes, but too few outstanding ones whose loss would really hurt. I'd consider Dwyane Wade, Shawn Marion, Michael Beasley and possibly Udonis Haslem as the only players whose absence would make the team measurably worse. For everyone else, the drop-off to the guy below him on the depth chart just isn't that steep.

My depth chart as it stands now:

C Haslem Blount Padgett Magloire

PF Beasley Anthony

SF Marion Jones Diawara Wright

SG Wade Chalmers Cook

PG Banks Quinn Livingston

Again, I've got to think Magloire is going to get cut. He looked like the weak link before the injury, and a banged-up Magloire would be brutal.

Next up: vs. Orlando, at Jacksonville. Saturday.