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Five Panic-Stricken Trades Involving Shawn Marion

You found out yesterday that I'm a little disgusted with the state of the Heat roster. For this team, as constructed, is lame. Crazy lame. Lame enough to make Dwyane Wade think that it's always going to be lame.

The plan all along has been to be aggressive in 2010 free agency. I get that, and I've always agreed with it. But we've also got to play a little defense to keep our own guy happy. And two more years of this is going to make all of us want to opt out and explore free agency.

There's no guarantee we can land anyone worth having in 2010. Most guys just re-sign with their current team so they can make more money, keep their kids in the same school and avoid having to find a new weed dealer. Players usually only leave because their current team has created such an awful situation that they can't imagine volunteering to return. A situation like the Heat are threatening to create now.

So it''s time to do something. Carpe the day. Seize the diem. Whatever. Make a damn trade. Get a center who won't get laughed out of the jump ball circle, and/or someone deserving of the spot next to Wade in the backcourt.

After the jump, a handful of ideas to cash in Marion and improve this team right now.  

Marion and Joel Anthony to Denver for Nene, Linas Kleiza and Chucky Atkins.

A legitimate center, a replacement for Marion and a serviceable veteran point.

Marion and Mario Chalmers to Chicago for Kirk Hinrich, Tyrus Thomas and Thabo Sefolosha.

Hinrich should be fine after a down year, Thomas would be a solid fit next to Michael Beasley and Sefolosha helps in a lot of ways.

Marion to Detroit for Rasheed Wallace and Arron Afflalo.

Maybe Wallace has worn out his welcome in Detroit. Marion/Prince is some lock-down D, is it not?

Marion to Utah for Mehmet Okur and Matt Harpring.

The Jazz player I really want.

Marion to Washington for Antonio Daniels, Etan Thomas and Darius Songaila.

Daniels would be a great fit for the Heat, and the other two guys are tall.

So there's that. I've cooled off a bit as I wrote that, but not enough to not publish it. I'm sure I'll regret it later. I look forward to seeing these trades mercilessly shredded in the comments.