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Heat Wins! Heat Wins!

So how many cars did you overturn last night?

Seriously, the Heat's 102-85 victory over Memphis was a much-needed and impressive win for our heroes. Here are recaps from the Sun-Sentinel, Post, and Herald.

Some of the more interesting developments:

  • Udonis Haslem started and played solid minutes at center. Apparently the three-forward game of semantics has been put away, and we're admitting now that Haslem is playing center when he lines up next to two forwards. I'm glad we're past that.
  • Although Memphis' frontcourt isn't elite by any means, it does have some size and depth. The small lineup's not going to match up well with teams like Orlando and Houston, but if it can hold its own against reasonably-constructed frontcourts the Heat should get away with it.
  • Haslem is going to spend a lot of time at power forward, however, if Michael Beasley can't stay out of foul trouble.
  • Dwyane Wade is really, really getting my hopes up. Another injury would be absolutely crippling.
  • Shaun Livingston didn't play, but said he'll play in the regular season opener. Not sure how wise it is to trot out a point guard, even off the bench, who has yet to take the court with his teammates, but I can't wait to see where he's at physically.
  • The battle for point guard minutes continues to spill into the off-guard spot, as Mario Chalmers and Marcus Banks each have gotten a look at the two. Whatever keeps Wade's minutes in the 30s is fine with me.
  • James Jones' absence is going to be devastating. He was signed to fill a glaring and specific need, and nobody else on this roster looks capable of stepping in.  
  • Shawn Marion is an increasingly awkward fit. I'm ready to stop proposing Marion trades and start analyzing a Marion trade that has actually happened.