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Heat vs. Hornets: Let's Go Streaking!

Two in a row? Do we dare to dream?

Miami goes for a second consecutive preseason win tonight, taking on New Orleans in Mobile, Ala.

It's one heck of a test of Marcus Banks' and Mario Chalmers' recently-lauded perimeter defense, since it generally requires great lateral movement, a strong double-team and a sophisticated system of ropes and pulleys to keep Chris Paul out of the lane.

And who's playing center for those guys, anyway? Oh, Tyson Chandler, the aggressive 7-1 guy with unfairly long arms, ridiculous jumping ability, impeccable timing on both sides of the floor and an insatiable hunger for offensive rebounds? Cool. I hear Udonis Haslem's been working on the old Dennis Rodman pull-down-your-opponent's-shorts-while-he's-jumping tactic. Write about that on your blog, skinny.