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Miami Heat 97, Washington Wizards 77

It really doesn't get much better than that: balanced scoring, solid and at times impenetrable defense, a huge rebounding edge. An absolutely ideal game for the Heat.

Notepad: Joel Anthony appears to have permanently leapfrogged Mark Blount on the depth chart...Perhaps ditto with Chris Quinn over Marcus Banks...Shawn Marion had a very good game, hopefully beginning the process of restoring his trade value...JaVale McGee is looking like a steal. Shame we couldn't snag him too...Four players in double figures and three with 9 points. Everyone who played at least 20 minutes scored at least 3 field goals...You can see how Dwyane Wade's turnovers go down when his teammates are making plays. He had just one last night, probably because he didn't feel pressures to do it all...Wicked dunk by Michael Beasley.