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Miami Heat 94, Washington Wizards 87

Solid enough. Every road win is a good road win in the NBA, even if it comes against the lowly Wiz. Miami's back on the fun side of .500 in what I still expect to be a season spent toggling between a couple games above average and a couple games below. A few more road wins - this was just the second out of six games - would help Miami make an extended stay in positive territory.


  • Dwyane Wade was a soldier, playing through a gimpy ankle and God knows what else to hang up 19 points and 10 assists in 35 minutes. He did miss 10 of 16 field goal attempts and turn the ball over 5 times, however.
  • You know what helps when Wade's shot isn't falling - other people's shots falling. Mario Chalmers and Chris Quinn went a combined 5-9 on 3-pointers, Yakhouba Diawara made half of his 4 attempts from long distance and Udonis Haslem was at his efficient best, milking 12 points out of 8 shot attempts.
  • Speaking of Chalmers and Quinn, I'm really liking the dynamic the Heat has at point right now. Chalmers finally played like a worthy starter again, eliminating any talk that he should give way to Quinn, and the veteran Quinn continues to excel in whatever minutes he gets. That situation's not looking so bad.
  • A homecoming Michael Beasley was probably too busy nodding at his assembled family and friends to put on much of a show for them. That was one of the lamer efforts of his young career, but I'm inclined to give him a pass on his first trip home. No worries.
  • Is it bad that I can appreciate Shawn Marion's play only in the context of the effect it may have on his trade value? I'm thinking it is, but I can't get past it. Marion put up a solid 12 and 9 in a team-high 41 minutes. Did you see that, league? Not bad, right? He could totally help you.
  • Now that the league isn't listening anymore, I'll whisper to you that I think Miami is a better team with Daequan Cook on the floor, assuming he plays like he did Tuesday, and will be better still when James Jones returns.
  • Joel Anthony - 20 minutes. Mark Blount - DNP-CD. Was I right or was I right?
  • Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison pretty much had their way offensively. It's a shame this team sucks so hard, because those guys deserve better.