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Game 12: Toronto Raptors at Miami Heat

We'll start with some scare tactics from the Magic blog Third Quarter Collapse, which published this cautionary tale after Orlando's 103-90 win over Toronto on Tuesday.

That Chris Bosh scored 40 points against Orlando should come as no surprise; Magic coach Stan Van Gundy predicted as much before the game. Further, of the six games in his career in which he's scored at least 40 points, three have come against the Magic. He simply has their number. I didn't keep track of his shot breakdown during the game, but it didn't seem to me that he missed any of the jumpers he took from the top of the key. ESPN'com's shot chart bailed me out by showing he went 5-of-7 from that distance. More impressively, I recall all of those looks being contested. The man is 6'10", can handle the ball, and does not miss from 18-feet even when the hand of another 6'10" man is in his face. And he's 24. Fear him.

OK, I will.

And I'll add that Bosh, after last night, is now officially No. 1 with a bullet on my list of 2010 free agent targets. He is utterly brilliant, and you know he wants the hell out of Toronto. I don't think guys like putting up 40 and still losing by double digits. Let's make it happen for him. How about a little recruiting work while he's in town, fellas? Beasley?

Matchup of the night: Anthony Parker vs. Dwyane Wade.

Parker isn't a marquee guy, but he's good enough to give Wade some trouble on the tail end of the back-to-back. If Wade is a step slow because of the ankle, Parker's defense might catch up and contain him. He's probably not going to really take advantage offensively, but lockdown defense on a hobbled Wade would be disastrous for Miami.

Opposing player I'm scared of: Chris Bosh

See above.