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Houston Rockets 107, Miami Heat 98

Like the Portland game on ESPN earlier this year, last night's game was one this Heat roster simply can't win as constructed.

Yao Ming's 28 points and 11 rebounds was more than enough against a helpless Udonis Haslem, even as Tracy McGrady fulfilled one of my keys to a Heat upset with a 2-7 shooting night. Dwyane Wade, the recently-honored Eastern Conference player of the week, negated any positives from McGrady's dud with a 7-23 shooting effort of his own.

The differences between Houston and Miami are more profound than height, however. The Rockets bring game-changers like Carl Landry and Aaron Brooks off the bench in relief of perhaps the game's best starting lineup. And remember, this is a group that is still missing Shane Battier, and one in which a solid guard like Luther Head can't even get off the bench. The team is stacked, and I expect them to play the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals in what will be one hell of a series.

As for our guys we're back to our comfort zone at .500. Like I've been saying, get used to it. We're going to live here all year.