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Game 15: Miami Heat at Portland Trail Blazers

Another nightmare matchup for our middling Heat, as Udonis Haslem follows up his unfair face-off with Yao Ming with a dose of the Blazers' big and deep frontcourt. Haslem checked LaMarcus Aldridge last time the two teams met while Michael Beasley guarded Joel Przybilla, but it's on when Greg Oden comes off the bench. Oden has been slowly coming around, but the entrance of our 6-8 and under frontcourt could well jump-start his progress. Joel Anthony needs to bring it tonight.

Matchup of the night: Brandon Roy vs. Dwyane Wade

Look for Wade to make up for his weak effort against Houston with a strong showing against Roy. It's unfortunate, but Wade has to win these elite matchups for MIami to have any chance against the likes of Portland.

Opposing player I'm scared of: Rudy Fernandez

I overlooked him last time, and he burned us. I won't make that mistake again.