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D-Wade on Regis & Kelly

Highlights of Dwyane Wade's appearance on Regis & Kelly on Thursday morning:

Wade entered to the song "Paralyzer" by Finger Eleven. I don't know why either.

Wade changed all of his jewelry to gold before going to the Olympics.

The difference between '08 and '04 squads: better talent, "guys who came together and became a team." Snooze.

Regis talks about an encounter with Pat Riley, and how they somehow ended up watching one of the medal-round games together in Malibu. Then he trails off without offering any interesting anecdotes. Great story. Thanks for that.

Picture time! Wade at the Great Wall, wearing a hat, not trying local foods.

Closest thing to a newsworthy item: Wade said he is "just starting to eat vegetables a little bit." Way to be, Heat training staff.

Wade flashes the gold medal. That thing's shiny! Kelly wears it for a minute, then holds it awkwardly for the rest of the interview.

Regis: "Were you impressed with the other American athletes?" Hard-hitting stuff.

Kelly asks Wade about tiny volleyball outfits, and wonders how they don't "ride up, down or in." Wade: "It's a great sport, and they have great outfits." Well-played, D.

Kelly wants NBA players to "give the ladies something to look at" by wearing shorter shorts. Wade compares the short shorts to "boxer briefs."

Regis and Kelly compel Wade to take a couple of shots on a portable hoop they wheeled onto the set. I hate that talk shows can't just talk to athletes without the dog-and-pony moments. It's demeaning, but Wade suffers it gladly.